Top 22 Free Website Speed Test Tools of 2019

In this article, we will tell you about the top free website speed test tools through which you can analyze the speed of your website. Fast speed is very important for any website. Google determines the rank of the website based on the speed of the website. Google’s algorithm evaluates the speed of any website and the sites that are fast loading are shown on the first page in the SERPs, which gives traffic to all four on the website and increasing the number of visitors to the website. So make every effort to make your website faster load. So today we have shared this post for you. You can measure the speed of your website by testing your website speed through these website speed test tools, and by fixing the errors of the website due to which the site speed is slow, fix the error and make the website fast loading.

Best Free Website Speed Test Tools

The following website speed test tools show results with metrics. Some features may vary in all the tools, so always try 3 or 4 tools to check the speed of your website. Do not rely on any one tool because it is the speed of the website. So let’s analysis your website speed with these best free website speed test tools and measure the speed of your website.

1. Pingdom Speed test

Pingdom website speed test tool

Pingdom is a popular website monitoring tool. It analysis the speed of your website and shows all the requests of your website and also shows all the requests of the website so that you can see all the errors of your website.

Pingdom test result

You will find it easy to improve the website performance by looking at your website performance report. It filters the data from your entire website and searches for all major flows. It also reports the shortcode of the website’s errors. You can also check the website performance according to different locations on this tool. Pingdom tool is very fast. Using the Pingdom tool is very easy. It analyzes your website in just a few seconds and also shows website performance grade with total requests, page loading time, page size by country-specific. It gives scores out of 100. You go to the Pingdom tool and analysis your website Pingdom stores your testing data on your server and shows performance report on the website so that you can improve website performance over time.

Website speed test result

2. GTmetrix

GTmatrix website speed test tool

The GTmatrix is also the second best website speed analysis tool for website monitoring. This tool analyzes your website very quickly. In the performance analysis report, this also shows performance including page speed insights and Yslow tool. You make sure and analysis your website. This will show an analysis report of your page load time, page size and requests so that you can identify problems on your website. You can also download the report on the website at the PC to check later. To get started, you can also create a free account on it and save the performance report of your website.

3. Google PageSpeed Insights

Google page speed insights tool

Google’s page speed insights tool is also popular in the entire world. It analysis your entire website. This gives a short guide to improving website performance so that you can easily improve your website performance. Page speed insights show different tests for Desktop and mobile device, so you can see the performance status of your website on desktop and mobile device. This tool shows the page speed score in the rating of 0 to 100. High performs of the website in green colour and shows the low performance in red colour. For a better SEO of any website, page speed is a very strong ranking factor because the fast speed website ranks fast in Popular search engines and the SERPs results of the website are also better. We request you to make an analysis of your website once by this tool.

4. Google Mobile Website Speed Test Tool

Google Mobile Website Speed Test Tool

It is important for any website to be mobile responsive. Because the number of Android users in the world is high. This is also Google’s tool. This tool has been developed to make a mobile-friendly test on the website. With this tool, you can check the performance of your website on the mobile device. This tool is designed keeping in mind web developer and experienced developer. Its aim to be better understand the reported analysis received by this tool to your webmaster and developer. This report is prepared based on the configuration of your website because most websites lose half the visitors if the website loading time is more.

5. WebPageTest


WebPageTest is also a popular speed test tool. This tool is designed with the web developer in mind. It analysis your website on different browsers. It is also called an open source project. You will get the opportunity to know the website’s requests, page loading time in the speed test of your website. It does advanced testing of user data. Analysis web page test, it will guide you about the errors of your website and their improvement so that you can easily improve your website performance. This does not support HTTP/2 so that the speed of your website will not improve on chrome browser. If you are not disappointed, this data report correctly shows that will help you to showcase your website’s page and you will be able to improve your website performance at the right time.

6. KeyCDN Website Speed Test

KeyCDN Website Speed Test

It’s also a popular website speed test tool that quickly tests your website. 14 different locations have been given on the website so that you can better analyze your website according to the country area. You can test your website and see the website analysis report. It will show you all HTTP requests, status codes. This will show all the request from your website as well as analyze page load time and page size. In the test, you can observe the waterfall breakdown etc.

7. DareBoost

DareBoost speed test tool

DareBoost is also a popular and useful speed test tool for website speed testing, performance monitoring, website analysis. It will analyze your website and show you the report, you will improve website speed and SEO. On DareBoost monitoring tool you can analysis of two websites. In, this you can analysis your own and your competitor’s website. This will show a report in which an overall score of 100 will is displayed. In the report, all the issues on your website will be shown in the red colour and the rectifying ones will show in yellow colour. The successful will be displayed in green colour, which will analyze the HTML and CSS style show the way to avoid query string in the URL. There are many categories, including SEO caching, and total requests which show the actual loading time of your website.

8. YSlow

YSlow speed test

This is the website of Yahoo! speed test tool. It offers add-ons for different browsers. Visit this tool and see all the features. It analysis your website according to all listed features and shows a report in which the elements like page size, total requests of your website are shown according to grade score. Seeing the report, You will know about the shortcomings of your website. You will be able to improve the performance of your website. Previously it was available as a speed test tool web version but now it is available as add-ons and is quite popular and performs well.

9. Web Page Analyzer

Web page analyzer tool

The Web Page Analyzer tool is best for improving the performance of the website. It analysis your page size, composition, website speed etc. In the website analysis re[port this shows the page size and page component, which will help you improve the page loading time by looking at this report. This will simplify the practice of all such scripts, website optimization secrets, web page sizes, guidelines, trends, and website optimization technique.

10. Geek Flare


Geek Flare Website Speed Test Tool

Geek Flare is another website speed test tool. It shows the loading time of your website on Desktop and mobile according to the multiple locations. It shows performance report include speed insights, waterfall request. The website optimization status is also shown better manner, which shows the website performance status according to the total number of request, speed scores, page loading time, page size and first byte.

11. Load Impact

Load Impact website performance test tool

Load Impact is also a popular website performance test tool in which the website speed test is an also better analysis. In the free, plan it offers 5 reports per month and displays the metrics according to the graph in which the total requests and bandwidth usage. It takes some time to display the analysis report but a deep analysis of your website. It displays how the website changes while visiting your website. Load impact sends virtual users to your website from different locations.

12. Dotcom-Monitor


Dotcom-Monitor is a very excellent tool for any website owner who displays a website analysis report based on 32 locations and 7 browsers in the world. It instantly reports and you will find detailed information report of website performance on different locations and marked browsers.

13. New Relic


New Relic offers a unique plugin that includes website monitoring, real-time user insights, server monitoring, and application monitoring. Although this is a paid tool. But this tool is the best to monitor website uptime and performance. By this, you can check the WordPress plugins and the theme’s response and see all the errors of the website. You can run the analysis immediately if the website is slow. Seeing the flaws in the website performance, they may be ready to improve.

14. Uptrends

Uptrends website speed test tool

Uptrends is another best website uptime monitoring tool that offers to run your website’s speed test. It monitors the website server uptime and APIs performance. This waterfall breakdown shows the report by analysis of the Domain. The tool is easy to use. You can do a free analysis of your website up to 30 days and monitor the relay errors from the performance of your website based on the different browser.

15. Chrome DevTools

You can do local debugging and testing of your website in Chrome’s DevTools network tab. This shows the total requests and waterfall analysis report of your website. You can run the analysis in Chrome the following shortcut keys – on Windows and Linux: Ctrl+Shift+I or Mac: Command+Option+I. Chrome DevTools is very important for any web developer. Image scripts are shown in order to improve the quality of the web page. It analysis web page better by reflecting all request and status codes on the web page.

Chrome DevTools speed test tool

16. Yellow Lab Tools

Yellow Lab Tools

Yellow Lab Tools is a unique web performance testing tool that analyzes your website requests, page weight, server configuration, DOM, bad java scripts, bad CSS and shows reports based on global scores. You can run the analysis based on Desktop, Tablet, and phone.

Yellow lab web performance testing tool

17. Sucuri Load Time Tester

Sucuri load time tester tool

Sucuri’s load time tester tool analysis the website’s performance in 18 locations throughout the world. Website analysis report that shows, first byte and total requests, the load time of website in different locations so you can easily track that down performance of your website in all sorts of locations. This tool is very simple to use. By the way, Sucuri also offers you a free website malware and security scanner.

18. Site 24×7

Site 24x7

The toll running by Zoho Corp. On the tools, 100+ test locations have been given. You can analyze the website speed according to different locations. This all-in-one monitoring tool also analyzes the full web page and optimize website performance. This shows the website analysis report in which displays response time summary includes DNS time, connection time, first-byte time, start to render, document complete and total page loading time. The page speed score, page load time, number of requests, and the page size is also displayed in it. Long with the web page summary and page speed insights reports is also displayed. Those errors are loaded from the website due to which errors are displayed in the analysis report. You can start trying to fix the error by looking at the report.

19. Pagelocity

Pagelocity Website Analyzer & Optimization

Pagelocity is also a unique tool. This gives you a score of 100 pages of SEO, display and code insights from the website’s page and displays all the errors on your website analysis report, you will be able to optimize your website’s search engine optimization. You will also be prepared to improve website performance by optimization. It also offers chrome extensions for your browser.

Pagelocitycy website performance test tool

20. Varvy Page Speed Optimization

Varvy page speed optimization tool

Varvy page speed optimization is a tool that tests the speed of your website. It is being run by Patrick Sexton. It analysis the website speed and displays the report in different segments, in which all the CSS delivery, JavaScript use, page speed issues, render blocking is determined on graphical representations. In which the work of making your website more favourable is done. It also displays browser caching, CSS resources, total JavaScript size, image optimization, keeps alive, enables compression, server response time, and displays all the errors of your website.

21. Monitis

Monitis website speed test

Monitis full page speed load tester tools test your website speed and performance. It analysis your website based on the United States, Europe & Asia Pacific region and displays your website loading time. It displays the detail of all the elements that load your website slowly. You can see those reports and improve those errors and make fast loading of your website.

22. WebSitePulse

WebSitePulse web page test

This is the last tool in this list that downloads the entire HTML content, images and all the internal web page objects of your website and measures the speed of each component. In the test results, it displays DNS time, connection time, web page object, first and last byte. There are 3 test locations on the tool and you can run a test by selecting the location according. The image elements and all other objects are verified in the web page test.

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To speed up the website by analysis the speed of the website, website speed test tools are very important which can be easily used. These tools show the website’s performance status according to your website size, website loading time, and total requests. These website speed test tools are very useful for all website owners and web developers.

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