Top 10 Ways To Increase Blog Traffic Fast In A Few Weeks

If you are searching for ways to increase blog traffic fast, then this article may be helpful to you. New blogger blogs face traffic constraints. However, they get some traffic from social media as well. But some bloggers start spamming on social media which is wrong. Here we are explaining ways that your blog traffic will be increased. It is very important to have enough traffic on any blog or website to earn high online earnings. Only then will you be able to identify yourself in blogging on the internet.

Increase blog traffic

1. Write High-Quality Content That Is Shared Most

This is the most popular way to increase blog traffic. Content quality determines the success of a blog or website. It is very important to publish such content by writing a post on the topic that is the most searched and readable in the blogging field. But always keep your blog niche in mind here. If your blog related to blogging, then publish blogs with related articles. When writing a blog post that is mostly 800 or 1200 words. If your post like the people it would be more shares.

2. Write Blog Post Regularly

People always like fresh things. Therefore, to increased traffic to your blog, keep your blog up to date and you must publish daily 1 or 2 posts on the blog. This may be a little difficult for new bloggers to do. For this, you change your lifestyle and give enough time to your blogging work and update the blog every day.

3. Use Proper Keyword

It is also very important to use keywords in a blog post. The keyword plays a special role in showing any blog post in the Google search result. Use proper keywords in the URL, heading, and content of blog posts. For this, you can use the best free keyword research tools.

4. Make Your Blog Post Headline More Attractive

The title of the blog post also helps in increasing blog traffic. Before writing a blog post, you should use the powerful blog title generator and get the attractive title for your blog post and use it in your blog. Because the title of the blog post itself makes people read the blog post.

5. Commenting On Other Blogs

Commenting is most important for the traffic of any new blog or website. So commenting is the easiest way to drive traffic to the blog. For this, you can create a list of related blogs from your blog niche and comment on them every day. Make a habit of commenting daily on some blogs. This will also identify you with other bloggers and you will also get backlinks.

6. Share Your Blog Posts On Different Social Networking Sites

Social media has an important contribution in quickly making any blog or business popular. By sharing your blog post on social media, your blog will be in front of new people and you will be identified by other bloggers as well as the number of your social media friends. For this, you create a Facebook page in the name of your blog and keep the username of the twitter account as the name of your blog. You can use these top 10 free Social Media Scheduling tools to increase blog traffic.

7. Write Guest Post

Guest posting also increases blog traffic and provides backlinks to your blog. To get started, you can create a list of blogs that accept guest posts. You can contact those website owners through personalized email. You can take permission to publish the guest post on their blog.

8. Make Your Blog Mobile Responsive

It’s very important for any blog or website to be mobile friendly. Because mobile users have more in today’s time. So use mobile friendly WordPress theme on your blog to attract more mobile users to your blog.

9. Submit Blog To Blog directories

This is also the most powerful way to get high traffic on your blog. You submit your blog’s URL and article in various blog directories. By doing this, your blog will be in front of many new people. There will be a flood of traffic on your blog. Here is the list of top 100 popular free blog directories

10. Forums

To drive traffic on the blog, join some of the forums related to your blog and start a competition about your blog topic every day and share the link to your blog’s post in the last. By doing so, targeted traffic will come to your blog. Here is a list of top DoFollow forums


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We know that this article would have liked you very much. To increase blog traffic, follow the above methods. These methods will drive traffic on your blog. It will take some time to do this. For this, you have to do time management and change your lifestyle. If you have any questions related to this post in your mind, then you can comment. You must share this post with your friends on Social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter.

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