10 Best Social Sharing Plugins For WordPress (2019)

Any blog or website is incomplete without Social sharing integration. Social media is the best resource for any blog, website or business to grow fast. The reach of Social media is increasing rapidly. If you are a WordPress blogger then you will be curious to know about the popular Social media sharing plugins. Some of the plugins are popular with their own features. But choosing the best plugin for a newbie can be confusing. So today we have decided to write this important post.

In this post, we have prepared a list of some popular Social media sharing plugins for WordPress that are easy to use. You can make your visitor’s work easier by showing Social media sharing buttons on the blog. This allows your readers to share their favorite articles on different Social media platforms with just a few clicks. This will bring more traffic to your blog than Social media, and your blog will grow rapidly. The SEO of your blog will also be improved and search ranking will be better. So let’s have some popular Social sharing WordPress plugins that you can use today by installing.

The 10 Best Social Sharing WordPress Plugins

1. Social Snap


Social snap


Social Snap is the most popular Social sharing plugins that offer a lot of features. It has a simple interface and the sharing button is designed very well. There are many Social media sharing buttons in it that you can customize by choosing them accordingly. Although its free edition also has limited features. But in its pro version, you will get many features like inline buttons, floating sidebar, share hub, and sticky bar. You can customize the size and color of the buttons according to your own.

2. Social Warfare

Social warfare

The Social warfare plugin is popular with its amazing features. This is a premium plugin which costs only $29. It is worth doing that attractive Social share buttons for your blog. Anyone can easily configure its Social media sharing button in its blog and can increase blog traffic. You can add Social sharing buttons above or below your blog post. There is also a floating sharing button and Pin It button features for all the blog’s images. It also includes drag and drop, WhatsApp button and Pin It buttons which supports both desktop and mobile.

3. Monarch


Monarch is a paid Social media plugin that has been developed by Elegant theme. It allows you to display Social sharing buttons on 5 different places on your blog. This lets your blog post more Social share and increases the visitors to your blog. You can consider this by understanding the importance of Social media. For this, you have to buy an Elegant theme license, which will have access to many other products including themes.

4. Easy Social Share

Easy Social share button

If you looking for cheaper options then the Easy Social share plugin can be a great option for you. It uses many bloggers and its buttons displayed on almost 30 thousand blogs. There are many features in this plugin. The share count is displayed in its great Social sharing buttons. It also offers to display the email opt-in. You can also do the A/B testing to grow the Social share. The live chat buttons are also inbuilt, which you can set up for Facebook Messenger or Skype live chat.

5. AddToAny


AddToAny Social share plugin provides you to advanced options to manage many social sharing buttons on your WordPress blog or website. You can add 100+ Social media sharing button on your blog. This features also include floating share button, visitors follow buttons, Image sharing button, AMP spot, Google analytics and more. You can placement vertical floating share bar or horizontal floating share bar before or after the content on your blog. Responsive floating share buttons of the AddToAny plugin are mobile ready.

6. Ultimate Social Deux

Ultimate Social Deux

Ultimate Social Deux is another best social sharing plugin. It is a premium social share plugin. It’s cost only $14. This plugin provides the perfect Social share button for your blog. It offers 5 placements for adding buttons to the blog. You can put the social sharing button up or down according to your post. There is also a floating bar option which is very good. You can put the floating bar in the right or left side. This uses light Javascript and CSS, which makes the page faster loading because the time of loading the website is only a factor of the website ranking. You may want to consider this plugin.

7. Jetpack


This post will be incomplete without the Jetpack plugin. This is a top 10 WordPress plugin. It also helps to add many Social sharing buttons to the blog. This follows button also offers. The Jetpack plugin has its own unique features. Apart from this, one of the best features of the Jetpack plugin is the auto post publish, which automatically share the post the publishing post on WordPress on various Social media sites. You can enable sharing module by installing the Jetpack plugin and adding Social sharing and follow buttons to your blog. You can also customize the button according to your choice.

8. MashShare


MashShare is also a perfect Social media sharing WordPress plugin. It adds a unique Social share button to your blog. The stylish buttons of the MashShare are worth the choice. You can also know how often the link is shared by the button. It uses caching so that the page loading speed of your blog is not slow. The MashShare plugin is free. If you want you can buy a discounted bundle. You can buy the add ons to give a more sophisticated  Social sharing button, which can be purchased in $19.

9. Social Pug

Social Pug

Social pug is also a Social sharing plugin. It provides many beautiful sharing buttons such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, LinkedIn and more, This plugin is available in both free and paid versions. The free version has limited features but you will have to buy its license its full features, along with more Social sharing buttons, many more features like Custom open graph data, click to tweet, and Analytics integration is available.

10. Sassy Social Share

Sassy Social Share

You can also choose Sassy Social Share WordPress plugin. It has 100+ social sharing services, including Social bookmarking sites. With this choice, you will like this plugin. Its responsive Social share buttons are displays on desktop and mobile. You can customize the floating button bar accordingly. It also helps to add Social share buttons before or after the content. It takes a caching technique to calculate the social share. There is also an Analytics tracking feature by which you can calculate Social share count. It’s free. If you want, you can make it more powerful by purchasing add-ons and take advantage of all its features. The price of the add-ons is $9.99.

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WordPress Social sharing plugins that this post will be useful for all bloggers. The Social sharing buttons in the blog or website increase the traffic of the website. If you are already using any one of the Social sharing plugins, then you can comment and share this article on all Social media sites.

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