Top 10 Plugins To Speed Up WordPress Website in 2019

Are you searching for ways to fast loading your WordPress website? Today we are introducing you to the best WordPress plugins which will speed up WordPress. WordPress is a popular CMS. Most of the websites in the world are running on WordPress CMS only and thousands of plugins are available freely in the directory of WordPress. Due to the help of WordPress plugin, you can create the website as you want. And the most noteworthy thing is that your website loading time is considered to be a Google ranking factor. We all strive to rank our website in a popular search engine and inaccurate the traffic of the website, but it is very important to have a fast loading of the website.

When your website is fast loading then the number of visitors to your website will increase and your website will rank fast in all the popular search engines. For this, you have to install some plugins in your WordPress, any non-coder can customize your website accordingly, and the best part is that using the plugin is also very easy. So here I am going to tell you about 10 best WordPress plugins which will definitely make your site fast loading.

The Best Plugins To Speed Up WordPress

1. WP Rocket

WP Rocket WordPress Plugin

As the name implies, WP Rocket is the most popular WordPress plugin to speed up WordPress. This plugin has all the features that are necessary for making fast loading of the WordPress site. The caching system of this plugin is very advanced. Caching technique quickly loads any web page or website. There are many more important features that reduce the loading time of your websites such as Minify CSS, HTML and JavaScript, Page caching, advance caching pules, image lazy loading, cache preload, user-friendly interface, minimal tweaking required for speed improvements, database optimization, Google Analytics integration to load the code from your server, CDN integration, version rollback, setting import and export and offer features like this.

2. Perfmatters

Perfmatters WordPress plugin

The Perfmatters plugin is different from all the other plugin and is popular in the world due to its amazing features. To make web page loading time exhausted, the Perfmatters plugin becomes a popular WordPress plugin. By default, some features are already enabled in WordPress plugins, and HTTP requests also slow down the loading time of your site, so that the loading time of your website becomes more and the site’s Google rank effect. But you can make your site fast load by enabling some scripts by the Perfmatters plugin. Through this plugin, you can disable the scripts on a per web page basic, which slows the performance of a website. It has great some features like disable WordPress options that are necessary to a website.

3. WP Fastest Cache

WP Fastest Cache plugin

WPFastest cache plugin offers advanced features that make your website faster load. There is also a leverage browser caching feature, it caches a user by visiting a web page on your website once, and the next time the user visits that page, the pages fast loads. This is my favorite. You install it in your WordPress and configure it. It’s easy to set up. Its features include 1 click clear cache & minified CSS and HTML, set expiration times for all posts/pages, CDN integration and more than improving your website performance.

4. Cache Enabler

Cache Enabler WordPress plugin

Cache enabler is also another best plugin to improve the performance of your WordPress site. You can set up this plugin in minutes. Cache enabler plugin creates static files of your WordPress and stores them on your hosting server. It offers great features like minification setup, expiry setup, 1 click clear cache, that fasten your website performance.

5. W3 Total Cache

W3 Total Cache plugin

W3 Total Cache is a popular WordPress plugin that makes your website fast loading by caching, minify, and CDN. It supports Cloudflare CDN and other CDN services. This results in the SEO of the website and also improves the search engine results page ranking. Your website’s performance and conversion rates are better. It also has a browser caching feature, so that the page loaded in the browser loads faster next time. In compress HTML, CSS, JavaScript and saves 80% bandwidth. This reduces page loading time and increases the number of visitors to the website.

6. WP Super Cache

WP Super Cache plugin

WP Super Cache is a popular WordPress plugin that is used most. To speed up WordPress website, it creates static HTML files of your dynamic WordPress blog and serves up to 99% of your visitors the same static HTML files. It completely bypasses PHP and reduces traffic load on the server. Apart from this, it also offers features like cache preload and CDN support. This plugin is very easy to configure and is very fast.

7. WP Super Minify

WP Super Minify plugin

WP Super Minify plugin combines and minifies JS, HTML, files, and caches inline reduce javascript and CSS files on demand to page load time of your WordPress website. You have to make the setting of this plugin very carefully. After activating this plugin, you can see the source of the HTML, inline javascript and CSS. You can check the grade of performance on Google Pagespeed Insights and YSlow. This plugin is easy to use and free of charge.

8. Smush Image Compression and Optimization

Smush Image Compression and Optimization

Wp Smush is an award-winning image optimizer WordPress plugin that automatically compresses the image of your website by lossless compressing it. I also use the WP Smush plugin. It optimizes up to 50 images with one click and optimizes all of your images up to 1 MB size. It has excellent features such as incorrect image detection, image resizing, automated optimization. There is also a Gutenberg block integration. It’s a multisite compatible and super server. In it, all features are inbuilt which improves the performance of a website.

9. LiteSpeed Cache

LiteSpeed Cache WordPress plugin

The LightSpeed cache plugin creates a duplicate copy of every web page on your website’s displays and stores it on the LightSpeed server so that your server loads less and the web page loads fast. Although it claims to keep the user’s privacy secure. It also offers image optimization feature apart from caching and serves the user by importing the image on his remote LightSpeed server during optimization. This optimized images stores up to 7 days on its server and later removes them permanently.


  • Object cache
  • Image optimization (lossless/lassy)
  • Minify CSS, Javascript, and HTML
  • Minify inline CSS/JS
  • Combine CSS/JS
  • Lazyload images/iframes
  • Multiple CDN support
  • browser cache
  • database cleaner and optimizer
  • Page speed score optimization
  • DNS prefetch

10. Autoptimize

Autoptimize WordPress plugin

Autoptimize automatically optimizes your website. This minifies the HTML, CSS, Javascript and also removes the Emoji from the WordPress core and reduces the page loading time of your website and makes the website faster load and also improves website performance faster. I also use the Autoptimize WordPress plugin.

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The above-mentioned plugin will be helpful in improving the performance of your website and will speed up WordPress website faster. You install these plugin in your WordPress and check your website performance score on Google PageSpeed InsightsGTmetrix, Pingdom Website Speed Test, Load Impact, Web Page Test Please give us a thought through this comment about this article and join us on Facebook, Twitter.

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