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Top 10 Free Social Media Scheduling Tools For 2021

Social media scheduling tools are a strong platform to promote a business or blog. It has become necessary to increase digital marketing by appearing on social media and building a strong brand. However, to make your brand more popular you have to be active with followers. Based on the different time-based communication numbers, the engagement and reaction will be seen. Manual process can be hard to post your content on all social media. You support social media scheduling tools and create a schedule for your content promotion. These tools have been developed to promote digital marketing, which has made it very easy to use social media and content strategy. You can share content without logging into social media through these tools easy to plan, which allows planning to start a relevant publicity campaign.

Best Free Social Media Scheduling Tools

  1. Hootsuite
    Hootsuite social media scheduling tools

Hootsuite is a popular free tool for social media management. It allows you to schedule the posts to the main social media platforms. It is best to promote brand and business. For small businesses, its free plan is enough, which is used as a member. It has the most useful schedule feature. You have to schedule it for a few days in the end, and this work is done by yourself. You can also save your content. This tool will save you time on your social media.

The tool has the capability to save your updates so that the post can be published by updating some of the posts without having to retrieve the post later. The Hootsuite also has a Hootlet chrome extension that allows you to share your post on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and more with one click on multiple social media network online.

2. Buffer

Buffer Social Media Management Tools

The buffer is also the second-best social media scheduling tool that makes it easy to manage various social media profiles. There is a lot of free plans for small businesses which is the very overlapping features. This post schedule makes it easy. You can connect only three social media profiles in the free plan. You can schedule 10 posts at a time. The buffer allows choosing the right time for posting. The plan could be better for social media management. You can also use browser add-ons for the scheduling posting and it also includes Android and iOS applications, including posting, Images, GIF and videos uploading.

3. TweetDeck


TweetDeck for the Twitter user is the best social media management tool. The TweetDeck prompts you to improve your twitter profile, including custom timeline, create lists,  account etc. On the TweetDeck, you can manage several Twitter accounts which allows twitter user to tweet schedule, which includes news feeds, direct messaging and more. Which makes your twitter usage experience much better.

4. Friends+Me


Its free plan allows you to manage various popular social media networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Linkedin and Tumblr. It does catch most of Google+. Its feature includes scheduling post, receiving reviews and more. This is a golden platform for beautifully promoting a business that will create a strong relationship by increasing your business. You can schedule 5 posts on Twitter, which is enough to promote small businesses. Tools also allow to manage Pinterest and Instagram but for that, you have to upgrade it to premium.

5. SumAll


SumAll is the most powerful social media scheduling tools. It’s absolutely free. It offers many excellent features. It allows you to connect with Facebook, Google+, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram. If you have multiple pages on your social media profiles like the Facebook fan page, Linkedin company page, then you can connect to all of SumAll. It is the best social media scheduling tool for bloggers. It allows you to schedule posts to multiple social media account. This will give your brand or blog new height.

6. Crowdfire

Crowdfire social media management tool

Crowdfire social media management tool is perfect for bloggers and small businesses. Crowdfire’s free plan allows you to connect to Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin. It allows you to schedule 10 posts per social media account every month. It also offers a Chrome extension. You can follow and unfollow the user from Crowdfire dashboard so that your followers and fans will increase soon.

7. Zoho Social

Zoho social media management tool

Zoho social is also the oldest and most popular social media scheduling tool. It schedules the post on various social media platforms like Linkedin, Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook and Google+ in the free plan. It allows the brand to be one of the best ways to manage and also offers automated URL shortener feature in the free plan. Zoho provides videos to any user to start any service so that you can start managing any of its services better. It also has Zoho social Chrome extension. Its dashboard is clean. I also use Zoho social media management tool and free business email service with Zoho.

8. LaterBro


The LaterBro allows you to update schedule on Facebook and Twitter. You can choose your time for scheduling and start updating the schedule. You can also schedule posts for later publishing, as well as share photos and videos and also add multiple Twitter account on it but it allows to add a Facebook account.

9. SocialOomph

SocialOomph service

I am quite happy with the SocialOomph service, it has a wonderful features store such as scheduling, Analytics, and DM Twitter inbox clean etc. SocialOomph is a free social media scheduling platform. You can manage 5 twitter accounts on this. It also allows you to shorten URLs and keyword tracking. The focus is mostly on Twitter management. This is enough to manage twitter account better. Its unique features will tempt any twitter user.

10. Followerwonk


Features are limited in its free plan but I love it. There are other great features on this that optimize your social profile and grow your brand. Although it is not a social media scheduling tool, it effectively optimizes social profiles. Followerwonk allows you to chance to get a glimpse of the Twitter Bio as well as allows the different twitter accounts to be communicated. This tool makes your Twitter profile more searchable. Its free plan allows connecting only one profile. You Sign up an start.

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You can use these best free social media scheduling tools to schedule posts on various social media accounts. These tools will save time on your social media. Schedule tools are very important for bloggers and business owner and they are great in making any brand faster. You start using the tools and give your opinion about any of these tools through comments.

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