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Top 15 Best free SSL Certificates providers

If you run an online business, internet security is also very important to keep the business safe. Because the number of cyber attacks in the digital world is increasing day by day. So you must read this free SSL Certificates provider’s post. If your business gets attacked once, you will go into trouble. Your business will be stalled. Your customers will lose faith from you. They will never want to join your business again.

Therefore it is very important to be safe for all these businesses, whether it is a small or large business or a blog. Because the customer signs up to the website, then some important details are taken from there such as name, password, credit card details etc and if once the information has reached to hackers, then you can get a chap lakhs rupees. Therefore, buying an SSL certificate will make a little bit of money. These free SSL Certificates will be good for your website.

Best Free SSL Certificates Providers

What is SSL

SSL (secure sockets layer) is a security protocol. It encrypts at the data exchange between browser and web server.

What is an SSL certificate

The SSL certificate is activated on the web server. When the SSL certificate is established to the web server then the SSL certificate is enabled secure padlock and helps protocol which appears next to the browser bar, so that your private information like credit card details, password and data transfer remains secure.

At this time, the SSL certificates are playing a special role to prevent the cyber attacks, so millions of business owners and individuals have confidence in this and keep the data safe from the hackers. If asked, the SSL certificate raises the wall between the web server and browser so that no hacker can interrupt the server. The coverage of the SSL certificate is helping small and big business and all people trust it. This will also increase your business and will solidify the trust of the business and people.

SSL working process

The SSL certificate is identified when accessing a website in the browser. The SSL connection works three majors, public, private and session keys. When a website is accessed in the browser, the browser puts emphasis then the server sends the public key of SSL certificate. Then the certificate verified on the server. It uses the public key from the reliable CA who encrypts the data and forward it. When the server receives the data, it decrypts the session key by using its private key, so that the data between the web server and the browser is secure and there is no fear of data leak.

Top 15 Free SSL Certificates Providers

Here tell you about 15 best free SSL certificates providers to whom you can your blog or website restlessly. If you like using it then you can upgrade this premium. So let’s know about 15 best free SSL certificate providers.

1. Comodo

Comodo SSL Certificate

I put the comodo in the first list which has become a popular brand in the world with more powerful security and demand. It offers free SSL certificate with 90 days validity. If talking about its premium version then its premium SSL certificate price is very low. It supports all major browsers and keeps secure small and medium business and security with more features is enabled. It offers RSA 2048-bit and 256-bit encryption with DV wildcard and EV certificates, but UC certificate is 128-bit and 256-bit enabled that is enough to keep secure the small and big website.

2. Let’s Encrypt

Let's Encrypt Free SSL certificates

Let’s Encrypt is well-being old and popular open source certificate authority that offers free automated SSL certificate with RSA 2048-bit DV certificate. You also do not have to pay any fees for this upgrade and use as much as you like. You can use it certificate with its certificate installer and its process is also easy. SAN or UC certificate can also be used with DV certificate. Do not worry about its security even when it is free. It is as secure as a premium SSL certificate, but unfortunately, you do not get any warranty or additional security in the free SSL certificate.

If you want to enable it on your blog then you will have to do it per 90 days later. No, renew charge is taken from you.

3. Cloudflare

Cloudflare Free SSL

Cloudflare is also a popular free SSL certificate provider, as well as it offers free CDN. So it famous in the entire world. You can use its free SSL certificate for the lifetime. It offers much more free security for your blogs such as DDoS attack and malicious bots. Speaking its free CDN then it speeds up the performance of the website. You can guess the popularity of this. Its CDN uses popular like Reddit, Mozilla and Stack Overflow.

4. SSL For Free

SSL For Free

It is enough to keep secure of your website. It is a non-profit certificate authority. It offers you 100% free SSL certificate for the lifetime that joint by Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate. This free SSL certificate works on all popular browsers and keeps secure your online business.

5. GoDaddy


Godaddy is fame all over the world due to its cheap domain and hosting. It offers a 1-year validity certificate for an open source project.

6. Get HTTPS for free

It provides a free SSL certificate for personal use. It has become the choice of people. It’s easy to configure and even encrypt it so that you can keep your blog or online business secure HTTPS free for your website.

7. GeoTrust

GeoTrust Free SSL Certificates

GeoTrust is also offered free SSL certificate with 30 days validity to keep your website secure that is fully functioning. It is easy to install which supports all leading web browsers, Smartphones and mobile browsers.

8. GoGetSSSL


GoGet is a popular SSL certificate provider that provides free SSL certificate with 90 days validity. its domain validation process is also very easy and fast. GoGet SSL is compatible with all major browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari, and Internet Explorer. You can try it to enable certificate on your blog.

9. SSL

SSL Certificates

It is another popular globally SSL certificate authority in the worldThat works 99% on all web browser. It is also compatible with mobile browsers and also offers 24×7 chat, email support. One of the best things about this free SSL providers is that it offers free lifetime SSL certificate reissues offer. It is also easy to manage its account. You can use its free basic SSL certificate on a single Domain.

10. InstantSSL Free

Instant SSL Certificate

Instant SSL is also a better source to get free SSL certificate for 90 days. It offers easy Domain validation, as well as it works better on all major browsers and trusted it 99.9% browsers and devices. You can try it once. For more information, you can visit the website directly. you issued the free SSL certificate will keep fully secure of your website and server with 128/256-bit encryption. This offers free SSL certificate by Comodo. Comodo offers the widest variety of SSL product that offers you the SSL certificate for your website or any other online business need. I also used the instant certificate for 3 months on one of my blog.

11. WoSign Free SSL Certificates

WoSign is also a popular authority that provides free SSL certificate. It offers free SSL certificate for 2 years. You follow this free SSL certificate and try it out.

12. Entrust

Entrust SSL Certificate

Entrust is also offers free SSL certificate for 60 days. You can use it in the trail for 60 days. If you want then you can upgrade it to premium.

13. ZeroSSL: Free SSL

ZeroSSL Free SSL

ZeroSSL offers free SSL certificate to keep your blog secure that issues by let’s encrypted authority that valid for 90 days. It has to be renewed every 90 days. renew is not charged from you. It is totally free for lifetime. Its renewal is also free and unlimited. The SSL certificate issued by it support all major browser and operating system.

14. CACert Free SSL Certificate Authority

CACert is a popular certificate authority that provides free SSL certificate for personal use. The objective of CA Cert’s mind is to make it aware of computer security and it offers free SSL certificate for 6 months. If you want, you can validate for 24 months. You can encrypt the signature through this SSL certificate and keep secure data transmission on the internet. Applications that support secure socket layer protocol (SSL or TLS) use CACert certificate.

15. StartSSL

It offers free SSL certificate for 1 year. After that, you will have to pay its subscription fees. Its domain validation process is similar to other SSL certificate issuers and all browsers support it. You can also download your client and enable the email encryption as well you can also send encrypted email with Time Stamp automation that is free.

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You can enable these free SSL certificates in your blog and you can keep secure your online business. If you want to buy them, you can buy them when they expire. Please give us your opinion about these free SSL certificates.

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