Things You Need to Know about Music Instructor Insurance and Flute Insurance

Did you say that you are a certified music instructor? Are you thinking of a worthwhile reward for your music teacher who was the reason why you became the brilliant musician that you are? If so, you must know that there is such a thing as music instructor insurance. Now that you know that there is a music insurance instructor, the questions are probably lurking into your mind is what about this insurance or what are the things covered by this kind of insurance? You will learn more about these things as you go reading this entire page.

Eligible operations

Most music instructor insurances covers music instructors who are 18 years of age or older. This program applies when a conductor is conducting a private and/or group instruction in music. It includes instructions in the following:

1. Instrumental music (percussion, woodwind, string, brass)

2. Piano, organ, and/or keyboard

3. Vocals

4. Other related activities

Ineligible operations

While this insurance generally covers most music instructors, there are also other things that it does not include. These things are considered as ineligible operations. Such operations cannot be covered. They are enumerated below.

1. Music instructors below 18 years of age

2. Instruction of music in a public or private school, college or university

Liability Coverage

When you are under this type of insurance, there is general liability coverage that you can take advantage of for your protection. This will protect you if you are legally obligated to pay damage for bodily injury to others and for damage to the property of others resulting from you instruction activities. The insurance provides coverage professional liability for wrongful actions that occur in the instruction activities.

1. Legal liability to participants

2. Damage to the area rented to the instructor


There are certain circumstances that this kind of insurance. The following enumerations are among the exclusionary endorsements in the policies of most music instructor insurances:

1. All kind of operations considered as ineligible

2. Ownership, operation, and/or management of music facility

Flute Insurance

Generally, flute insurance is integrated in musician insurance offered by a provider. Under such policy, the musical instrument will be covered from theft, accidental loss or damage. The provision of this type of insurance covers the need for repair or replacement of the musical instrument. In addition to this, flute insurance may even cover depreciation value if the musical instrument’s value decreases after a repair. Moreover, you may also be provided with a policy covering musical accessories including flute stands, casing, and other flute accessories. You may also with a policy that covers hiring cost for an alternative flute in case should there be a need for a claim.

Music instructor insurance and flute insurance are among the best treats you can give to your dear music teacher as well as your precious musical instrument. This is a great way to reward your music partners. Get them insured today and let them experience the treats provided by the policy.

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