Things You Don't Know about Music Insurance Company and Brass Musical Insurance

Apart from cars and homes, there are insurance companies that provide services to clients in other lines of industries. In the music industry, there is music insurance company that provides protection and assistance to anyone or anything involved in the industry. These include musicians, musical instruments, events, and properties. Did you say that you have only heard about the term? That is no good news. Aside from knowing that such company exists, you need to know about other aspects of this kind of insurance service. By being clueless about them, there are a lot of wonderful things that you are missing which you could use to your advantage. Learn more about the things you do not know about music insurance company and brass musical insurance as you go reading this article.

Coverage of Music Insurance Company

Such an insurance company includes various policies that will protect both your personal and professional interests. Below are some of the aspects related to your profession that are covered by the insurance.


Of course, you are the most important subject of the insurance. This only means that a music insurance company provides protection and assistance to your personal interests. There are musicians, for example, who are great at music performance but until now do not have home insurance. Due to the fact that such kind of insurance is also essential, many music insurance companies pair with other elite insurance providers. This way, if you are both a musician and a homeowner, you will be provided with an easier way to get homeowners or Renters insurance.


Music insurance company also covers the health of the insured. This is possible especially if the insurance provider is partnered with health insurance. These days, most music insurance companies include such policies. Under this coverage, the insured is provided with a wide option of individual as well as family medical and dental insurance plans.


For musicians who have studios, this is great news for you. Music insurance company includes studio liability insurance in the policy coverage. This is often embedded in the general liability insurance. This insurance service covers both commercial and home studios. Under this liability insurance, studio owners and/or operators are protected from third party lawsuits that involve bodily and property damage within the premises of the studio location.

Special Events Liability

Under this policy, performers, event producers, and promoters are protected from certain negligence claims that result to property damage or bodily injuries from third party lawsuits.

Brass Musical Insurance

Instruments used in a brass band are often expensive to replace. This is why having them uninsured should not be your option.

Once you are under brass musical insurance, you will be provided with a policy that covers theft, accidental loss or damage to your musical instrument. Regardless whether the brass musical instrument is owned by professional or amateur musicians, the policy will still provide the same value for the repair or replacement. This is something you will never have when you do not have this type of musical insurance for your brass band.

Contact your musical insurance company today and experience the benefits of the policies.

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