Top 12 Best Free Plagiarism Checker Tools In 2019

All information is stored on the internet. Thousands of pages on the web publish on a daily basis, which has plenty of plagiarism content. It is very important for a blogger to check such content. Here are some plagiarism checker tools that all blogger must use. Plagiarism is huge greed. Theft of an author’s content is to destroy its career. Therefore, as far as possible try publishing your unique content. This will improve your writing skills and your blog or business will also grow rapidly.


Make every effort to avoid plagiarism. All bloggers and writers should pay special attention to this. Just think, that how would you feel if the content you wrote is plagiarism. You will be confused. So today we have listed the 12 best free plagiarism detection tools here.

Free Online Plagiarism Checkers Tools

Best Free Online Plagiarism Checker Tools

1. Copyscape

Copyscape is the oldest plagiarism checker tool. On this, you can find plagiarism by post link. You paste the link in its search bar and click the “Go” button. This will show all the links on which your content is available. Copyscape is a well-known tool that also works as a copyright protection tool. A web owner should always be cautious about plagiarism.

2. Grammarly

Grammarly is an important tool for all bloggers who detect plagiarism and helps in writing quality content. Apart from this, it offers more features such as Critical grammar and spelling checks, comma splice, comma usage, grammar rule explanations and more. You can use it by downloading it on the computer. In offline it also supports MS Word, Excel and PowerPoint. It checks all types of grammar and spelling errors. Almost all professional bloggers and writers use this tool and improve the quality of their content. It is available in both free and premium versions.

3. Plagiarisma

Plagiarisma is also a popular plagiarism checker tool that supports 190+ languages. It is available for Windows, Blackberry, Android, and web. You can also try this tool. It 5x faster detects plagiarism. There is also an option to upload TXT, RTF, HTML, DOCX, MS WORD DOC, PPTX, XLSX, XLS, ODT, PDF, FB2, EPUB files. Apart from this, this article rewriter feature also provides.

4. DupliChecker

DupliChecker for any author is a popular plagiarism checker tool. It is used to catch plagiarism. This tool gives results immediately. You can check the plagiarism content by pasting or uploading the content on it. Every blogger and the author should always use this tool. It’s free. You register on it and find out the plagiarism content.

5. Search Engine Reports

This is also a great tool that offers many other free SEO tools apart from the plagiarism checker tool. You will be pleased with this tool. You can evaluate plagiarism by pasting the content into it or pasting the post URL. It also shows plagiarism according to the phrase. You must definitely try this free method once.

6. Plagium

Plagium is also another popular plagiarism checker tools. This is a great choice for free users. It offers “Quick Search and Deep Search” options. You will have to create an account by Sign up in on this to find out the depth of plagiarism. When you click on the “Quick Search” button by pasting the content in its editor, it shows the URL of the website in a few seconds and the results show that on which websites this content is present. This tool will definitely be important for you.

7. Unicheck

The Unicheck is a great tool that inspects immediate plagiarism. You can check the contents of 500 words free on this. In the free plan, its features are unlimited, which make user’s work easier. This Google Docs add-on also offers. Blogger should definitely use this tool. This will make a better writer with the prevention of plagiarism.

8. Paperrater

The Paperrater is a free cloud-based plagiarism checker tool that offers impeccable features such as grammar checker, automated proofreading tools with the plagiarism checker. You can also look at this tool. It is also worth doing love using them artificial data service, it immediately detects plagiarism. You can paste the content on it but the feature of file upload is only available in the premium version.

9. CopyLeaks

CopyLeaks detect plagiarism by AI technology confirm originality. This Android app also offers. It also provides Google Docs add-on and MS Office add-on. This only inspects plagiarism in a few moments. It supports many languages. To use this tool better, you can create a free account and enjoy it. In its free plan, you can check only 10 pages of 250 words per months. With this tool, you can scan the whole website.

10. SmallSEOTools

The SmallSEOTools is also an advanced tool that examines the plagiarism. You also have to paste the content in it. This tool works fast. Apart from this, there is a stock of popular free SEO tools on this site. All tools are free to use and any user can use them easily. You can check the content by pasting it. It also provides the option to upload TXT, DOC, DOCX, Document file. You can also select files from Google Drive. Its limit is 1000 words per search. You can also check plagiarism by web URL or specific URL.

11. Quetext

You can use this plagiarism checker tool freely. You can upload 5 files simultaneously on this tool to check the content’s plagiarism. It supports plain-text file, Microsoft Word, and PDF file types. There is also an option to paste the content on it. With this tool, you can be sure that where the content of your website is on the web. You will have to use it once to find plagiarism.

12. Plagiarism Detector

It is a trustworthy plagiarism checker tool that is totally free. It shows that your content is just a few moments away from other sources. So you want to be professional or writers. Your content should be free from plagiarism. This is an effective literary plagiarism checker whose limit is 1000 words per search. You paste your content in its editor. There is also Grammar checker option with plagiarism checker which searches all the Grammar mistakes of your content.

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So today you have to know about the Top 12 best free online plagiarism checker tools. All plagiarism checker tools have their own specialty and features are also different. Use all these tools and tell us about the tool you like most, through our comments. This post is also precious. Be sure to share it on Social media sites.

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