Making the right move to get the most about your new home is critical to having the happiness you wanted. If you are to buy a new home, a condo can be a smart move. They are cheaper than single family homes, and they may offer conveniences such as fitness centres and swimming pools that you can afford.

Condominium developments at Parclife provide access to amenities like spa and infinity pools that would not be affordable for an individual house. The condo such as a beachfront property can be much more affordable when shared by a group of owners than individual property. Parc life EC is designed beautifully with nearby parks and cycles routes with convenient access to the town. Here are some rundowns on some of the top reasons to buy a Parclife EC condo.

Parclife EC site plan is specially designed to fulfil the needs of modern families. Life here is playfully fun with an abundance of space and state of the art lifestyle facilities to suit residents at all age.

What’s Special In Parc Life EC?

– Looking for a new condo, everyone will definitely need more space and privacy. The design of Parc life EC optimizes the use of space offering an ample ground to live and play. The blocks are spaced to ensure privacy and offer beautiful views.

– Moreover, in a condo everyone will want all the amenities as possible that would be offered to them on the door-steps than to travel around to get one. Parclife are perfect for any social gathering. They have good play spaces as well.

– All, mostly the elderly would like to spend a good time playfully engaged to keep themselves fresh and energetic. In the Parc life EC floor plan there are enough spaces which are well used with a good size Gymnasium, Tennis court and reflexology.

– For children having a good play space is very important to keep them engaged for a healthy lifestyle. ParcLife EC features Children adventure playground, kids bubble spa and kids party room.

– There are an increased number of people, who opt for spa, and each one differs in their tastes, not all want the same type of treatment. Parc life EC offer, eight different unique spas that will fit every individual need, including the Lantern Pavilion spa, Hydrotherapy spa, rain spa, steam spa, friends spa, Cozy garden spa, play spa and kids bubble spa.

– Their recreation space accommodates 50m infinity pool, Kids splash, poolside cabanas and lounge deck. The recreation zone includes a media room, accessible toilets, and much more.


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