Google AdSense Approval Trick For Bloggers – 2019

In this post, we are telling tips on taking Google AdSense approval. Google AdSense is the best source of online income. There are two motives for blogging: first Passion and second make money online. By blogging you can live a boss-free life. If you have recently created a blog or a website, you will be concerned that Google will not accept our AdSense application. All bloggers are concerned before applying for AdSense. But if you follow the tricks I’ve told you then you are sure to get AdSense approval.

Google AdSense Approval Trick

At this time there are many ways to earn money online from the blog on the internet. There are many ad networks but Google AdSense is the first choice of all bloggers. Well, there are some Google AdSense alternatives at this time, through which you can also earn huge online money. But first to apply for Google AdSense and try the other AdSense alternatives only after getting the approval of the AdSense. You can also read Google AdSense program policies and terms and conditions for more information.

You Must Follow These StepsTo Take AdSense Approval

1. Domain Age

Before applying for Google AdSense, make sure that domain is 45 days old and includes custom domain name such as .com, .in, .org or .net.

2. Responsive Template

Use a responsive template on your blog that is clean and fast loading on mobile, tablet and desktop. Google also checks out your blog’s template before giving approval for AdSense.

3. Must Have at least 10 to 15 Posts on your blog

Before applying for AdSense, make sure you have at least 10 or 15 posts on your blog. There are 4 or 5 blog posts in 1200 words. Use Alt+text in all images that you post. AdSense does not pay attention to blogs or website traffic. But to earn more money, you have to publish a regular post on your blog and pay attention to the blog traffic.

4. Unique Content

All content on your blog should be unique and not copied from anywhere. If this is the case then Google will reject your AdSense application. The content should be written by you. Try to write more and more quality content which is the user’s most loved and most read on the internet.

5. Important Pages

Any visitor wants to know about the website owner after visiting the website. So make sure to create About Us, Contact Us pages in your blog or website. Write down all the information you need about yourself and what content you write on the blog. These are all important pages for blogs.

6. Must have a Privacy Policy and Disclaimer pages

Privacy policy and Disclaimer pages are very important for all blogs and websites. Google must check these pages on each website before giving Google AdSense approval. Creating these pages is very easy. Before applying for AdSense, you must add these pages to your blog before applying for AdSense.

7. Keep in Mind

Make sure you are at least 18 years old. If your age is less than 18, then create an AdSense account with the name of your parent and then apply for AdSense. Before applying for AdSense, keep in mind that there are no other ad networks added to your blog. If so, remove them and then apply for Google AdSense and wait for 3 or 6 days. your AdSense must be approved.

If you have created a blog on the Blogger platform, then AdSense supports the blogger blog.

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I hope that if you follow the tricks I mentioned above, then your 100% AdSense approval will be done. Because this is my own experience. I have followed the same tricks and approved the AdSense for two of my blogs. If you have any concerns before applying for AdSense, you can contact us through the comment.

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