Consider Auto Insurance Before You Buy Your Next Car

Before you slide behind the wheel of that fabulous new sports car, think about how much it is going to cost you in auto insurance. Most people only factor in the monthly loan payments when considering if they can afford a new vehicle. However, car insurance is a major expense that could break the budget if they don’t plan ahead.

Before You Go Car Shopping

Call your auto insurance in Salt Lake City before you start looking at cars. Talk to your agent and get quotes on a few models you are considering. If you haven’t made it to that stage yet, you can find out some general information that will be helpful. Your provider may let you know which safety features make the biggest impact of pricing or which models to avoid.

Now is also the time to review your credit to make sure you have the best rating possible. If it has improved since the last time you bought a car or purchased auto insurance in Salt Lake City, you may find that your rates will improve. On the other hand, if you have had a few issues in the recent past, you may want to wait to purchase that new vehicle.

Consider New and Used

Don’t assume that a new car will cost you more in insurance than purchasing a used vehicle. Many of the new features on the latest models have made them safer and resulted in reduced costs in insurance premiums. On the other hand, you may want to switch classes of vehicles if you are going from used to new and don’t want to pay a lot for insurance. For example, a new SUV may be less expensive to insure than a used sports car.

Don’t be afraid to talk to your insurance provider about hypothetical situations even if you haven’t decided on a model yet. Just getting the basic information can steer you away from certain models or have you considering vehicles that you would have overlooked otherwise.

Get the Details Before You Say Yes

Hypothetical situations will give you basic information, but talk to your insurance provider before making a final decision once you have found a car you love. Get the details on rates so you can make a solid decision about whether it is a wise move to purchase this particular model.

It is a common thought for people to assume that the change in monthly premiums will only be a few dollars, but it could actually amount to several hundreds of dollars each year. Select one vehicle and you could see your monthly payments double. It doesn’t mean you should pass by that vehicle if it is the one you have your heart set on, but you should be prepared.

Talk to your auto insurance company in Salt Lake City if you are considering purchasing a new or used car. Find out what to expect before the new bill arrives in your inbox or your mail.

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