Concert Insurance: Event Liability Insurance

When there is an upcoming concert, fans get extremely excited. On the other hand, performers look forward to giving an out of this world experience to the crowd. There is no doubt, everyone who have long been anticipating the much-awaited how has been preparing to the best that they can for the momentous event. But what do you think happens when something goes wrong? If you are of the people who will be involved in the concert event, you surely don’t want it to happen. However, it happens in the real setting. For instance, the show may not be pursued if the lead singer gets ill, a crew member gets injured by equipment, or when fans get unruly and destroyed the venue. In case these situations happen, you would want to be sure that you are covered by reliable concert insurance. Concert insurance covers many different regarding concert-related issues.

Stage Falls

Have you watched a concert event where the performer accidentally fell off the stage? That was so embarrassing right? However, there is more serious thing to consider than the embarrassment. One of the most tragic stage fall incidents in the history of music scene is the death of Greg Ladanyi. Grammy-winning producer, Ladanyi, died after falling from the stage during Anna Vissi’s performance. If this had already happened in the past, similar tragic incident may also happen in your own concert event. This kind of incident, however, is among the things covered by concert insurance. This way, when someone unintentionally fall form the stage, you are sure that there is insurance you can depend on.

Stage Collapses

If you think that the stage you have constructed is indestructible, you better think again. You never know when this structure will collapse. This is true especially that in the moment of intense actions in the concert, the crowd has then tendency to be totally outrageous. When large number of fans jumps over the stage to get closest to the concert artist, there is a huge possibility that the structure might collapse. In 2011, 7 people died while 40 others were greatly injured when the stage collapsed. This actually happened even before the concert (Sugarland Concert) happened. When this instance happens to your own concert activity, it is best that you and your event are under event liability insurance.

Audience Risks

In this kind of high-spirited activity, not only are the performers in big risks but also the audience. A pyrotechnic show in Rhode Island (2003), 100 people died and an estimate of 200 others suffered various injuries. As a responsible concert producer, you also care for the benefits of your spectators. You will be able to give this be availing a concert event liability insurance. You insurance provider will aid you in many ways under the terms and conditions in your concert insurance.

Are you planning to hold a concert event soon? If so, it is best for you to get liability insurance for your event. With this type of insurance you are being more protective against the adverse results that might happen in such an event.

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