Blogger vs WordPress : Which Is Right To Create A Blog

Are you planning to create a blog if yes then choosing the best blogging platform to start can be challenging? In this post, I’m going to tell about Blogger vs WordPress. Both are popular in the internet world. Both have more than one features and the heavy content is also right in terms of publishing. Designs great too. But the new users could hang sometime. Both offer their amazing features and are easy to use. You do not have to worry about doing SEO and promotion of blog. You just have to choose the right blogging platform.

Blogger vs WordPress

The blogger platform can be better for the new users but it can be time to consume for advanced blogger. If you plan to create a heavy content blog or website with your big strategy and want to make your identity in individuals, never use the blogging platform. The is similar in these case but WordPress (self-hosted) may be better for you. so that both you and your blog will be famous in a short time.

Blogger vs WordPress: Which Is Best

Below, detailed information about the blogger vs WordPress is being shared. every blogger is famous because of his features.


Blogger┬áis Google’s service and Google is top in the world for all its services. Google provides many useful services such as Gmail, Adwords, Adsense, Google Drive, Google Plus and Google analytics and more. Which is very important for all bloggers. This service also includes Blogger platform which is the oldest. It is also easy to use for the new user. provides better services. You can also connect Blogger blog to Google, Adsense and Google Analytics.

Blogger was one of its interfaces, it is free for the lifetime as well as reliable and is a great service for the internet user to publish user content in the world. But there is some limitation that is not in your hand. Google will decide when and when your access will stop.

Blogger platforms give you the specific tasks only when you create a blog. Limited features are available on the Blogger platform so that the user’s time is bad. But also to meet the requirement, you can not extend limited features of the Blogger platform. However, Blogger platform is best for writing memorabilia article and learning about blogging. They will get basic information as well as a huge collection of free Blogger templates on the Blogger. Therefore users can be happy in the opening days and create online attendance. You will also be helpful in creating a publisher and fan on the web. If its security is talked about the chances of hacking are not exactly the same.


WordPress (self-hosted) is famous because of its amazing features. Its all access is in your hands. The interface of the WordPress (self-hosted) has been made quite simple, its simple features took the user’s mind, making it easier for bloggers to make their heavy content blog online. WordPress is also easy to use for new user and has easy features with simple features. WordPress is based on PHP and MySQL, which is upgradeable for the users.

WordPress will give you complete control over the experience of submitting an article on the blog. You can look like your website as you like. You can take advantage of countless services. You can also earn money from the blog. You can also buy a plugin to improve the blog which will make every effort to popularize you on the web and you will also have to purchase hosting which can be bought ordinary users also around $3 per months the favorite.

WordPress may be little tricky for some users but as you use the WordPress your experience will increase and you will get advance.

If you have decided to build a blog then I will recommend you to create a blog on WordPress (self-hosted). You can buy a domain and hosting from GoDaddy or Bluehost. However, the installation is very easy on all hosting.


I would like you to enjoy Blogger vs WordPress article. Now you rest assured about the Blogger vs WordPress. Using the Blogger platform, the user can experience the experience and blogger can be a good option for them. A and (self-hosted) only. With all their needs fulfilled, from thousands of free themes to plugins use. There was not much change in blogger. It’s online to save your favorite moments.

While the WordPress (self-hosted) is popular among users with its features. The WordPress CMS has been developed to the user by keeping in mind and equipped with all the needs. Looks good too. Users can also check the activity of their website traffic.

So do not forget what’s going to be right. I still prefer WordPress (self-hosted) as well. because the WordPress plugin doubles its feature. So get started and spend some time for Blogging and enter your presence on the web.


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