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5 Best Lazy load Plugins to Make WordPress Website Faster

It is very important to be the faster load of any website. To speed up the site, WordPress lazy load plugin is the best option. The site is frustrating to load slowly and the gradual loading site’s rank is effective in the search engine. Why is the website slow loading? If you are a new blogger, then I would like to tell you that you will definitely add some images to your blog post and by adding the images to the post, the quality of the content improves and some posts of the blog’s post are also included in which 10-15 images add must be added.

The size of the images is high and every time the page loads, there are different request creates for all the images in the web page, so that the web page loads slowly in the browser, which is very harmful to the blog. But you can make your website faster load by installing these best WordPress lazy load plugins in your WordPress below.

Best WordPress Lazy Load Plugins

1. BJ Lazy Load
BJ Lazy Load Plugin

BJ Lazy Loads is the best WordPress plugin. It loads the images after loading the contents of the web page, causing the web page to be fast loaded and also slow load on the server. Bandwidth also saves. This plugin converts all images of your blog, such as post images, gravatar images, content iframes into a place holder, which will load the images while scrolling on the browser after the page is loaded. This plugin is very easy to set up. After installing the plugin, you can enable all modules with just a few clicks. It supports iframes so it works well with Youtube videos and Vimeo etc.

2. A3 Lazy Load

A3 Lazy Load Plugin

It is another best WordPress lazy load plugin that improves the performance of WordPress website. This plugin is also best for heavy websites, and despite having a lot of images, the site loads faster. one of the best thing about this plugin is that It works great with a website with large size images. You install the plugin. It is very easy to use it. It supports WordPress videos like Youtube, Vimeo, and HTML5 videos, and also leaves the background color when the video is loaded.

3. Lazy Load

Lazy Load Plugin

This plugin works on jQuery.sonar technic and improves the performance of your website. You do not need to configure this plugin after you install it. It starts working immediately after activating the plugin and deduces the page load time of your website.

4. Lazy Load by WP Rocket

Lazy Load by WP Rocket

As the name implies, this plugin reduces the HTTP request to make your web page faster load, which makes page loading time better. This plugin improves page loading time by reducing the size of all types of images.

5. JCH Optimize

JCH Optimize Plugin

To make faster loads of website with lots of images, the lazy load plugin is very important. A heavy site that has more images, it loads the browser for a while an at the same time loads on the server and performance of the website is down. But you can improve the loading speed of your website by installing the JCH Optimizer plugin in your WordPress. The JCH Optimize plugin also optimizes all the images of your blog and reduces the load on the server and saves bandwidth and the web page load quickly.

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To make your website faster load, these WordPress lazy load plugins is best for you. You can install one of the above-mentioned plugins in your WordPress. These plugins are perfect for any website with large size images and they improve the speed of the heavy site too. You use one of the lazy load plugin are share it with is via your feedback comment about its performance.

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