10 Best WordPress Comment Plugins For Your Blog

There is an important role of comment to grow the blog or online business. The comment is accompanied by traffic and you also get backlinks. The reader connects with you through comments. The commenting from the site is Google rank improve. Therefore, commenting on some blogs per day can be beneficial for you and your blog. But it is very important to have a perfect plugin to add a comment section to the blog. At this time many WordPress comment plugins available which you can install in your WordPress and create a comment section in the blog. The comment plugin is very much but I’m going to tell about 10 best WordPress comment plugins here.

Top 10 Comment Plugins For WordPress to Add Relationship With Your Visitors.

1. CommentLuv


CommentLuv is a popular WordPress comment plugin that offers various features to attract visitor to your blog. This plugin also keeps your blog completely secure from spam comments. It also lets users add Twitter links to comments.

2. Thrive Comments

Thrive Comments

Thrive theme comment WordPress plugin is a new comment plugin. This gives a new interface to the native WordPress comment system. The nests are made under the original comments of the answers so that the thread can be easily seen within the comments. You can set a custom notification in it. All your old comments look like new comments. It makes it easy to manage all comments better so that over time, extensive reporting on visitor activity can be seen.

3. wpDiscuz

The wpDiscuz is a great plugin to keep the comments in your database. Discuz is a good option for Jetpack and Facebook comments. It is with dozens of features like Ajax real-time comments, a system with comment form and fields. It is integrated from the user profile plugin and is integrated with spam plugins such as Akismet, WordPress zero spam, WP Bruiser plugin. This plugin offers you various add-ons.

4. No Self Pings

No Self Pings

The No Self Pings plugin is best for those who do not like ping at the website. Because after publishing the post on WordPress, WordPress sends pings to your own site by default from your own site. If you want to better SEO of your website, then use the No-Self plugin. This controls the shortcomings of the comment section on your site. It’s easy to set up. You install and activate the plugin.

5. Akismet


Akismet is the most popular WordPress plugin that is used most to manage the comment system on WordPress blog. It filters spam comments on your blog and puts them in the spam section. You can use the personal plan of the Akismet for free. This is a great option for all WordPress blogs.

6. Jetpack

Jetpack plugin

Jetpack plugin is the most popular WordPress plugin for the WordPress user. This also gives a new look to the comments section of your blog. Its module enables the use of login to comment on the blog. By default, there is a choice of name, email and blog URL. If you wish, you can also enable the login button in it. It displays the comments on your blog in a simple format.

7. Simple Comment Editing

Simple Comment Editing

As its name gives it an opportunity for anonymous users to edit or delete all their comments for a period of time. But these comments are not edited forever. It only wants to edit comments for 5 minutes so that they can improve their mistakes. You do not need to worry about spam comments. Just activate this plugin by installing it, the rest of the work does it yourself.

8. Yoast Comment Hacks

Yoast comment hacks

Yoast comment hacks plugin developed by Yoast team. It makes it easy to manage comments on your blog. It offers buttons with a new interface so that all comments are moderated on a particular post. After making comments, it sends Thanks message, so the commentators join you later. You can also customize the comment message accordingly.

9. Disqus Comment System

Disqus Comment System

It comes to the second to the Akismet plugin. This is also the most popular comment plugin. The comment section of this adds to your relationship with your visitor. Disqus comment plugin lets website owners add Disqus section to their blog. The plugin also replaces the comment system in a few minutes. This helps to increase traffic on your blog. It uses millions of users and relies on it.

10. WPDevArt Facebook Comments

WPDevArt Facebook Comments

It is another best WordPress comment plugin. It shows Facebook comments to your visitors on your site. This plugin drives traffic from Facebook to your website. With this feature, many bloggers are using this plugin in their WordPress blog. This plugin is free and it is also very easy to configure. You must create a Facebook App ID to use this plugin. It allows you that if you do not want to show Facebook comments on any page or post of your blog, you can also disable comment on this page or post.

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So this is the best WordPress comment plugins post. Each of these plugins has its own characteristics that better manage the comment system on your blog. You can choose one of these plugins. But I’ll recommend you to Thrive comments Jetpack and WP Discuz plugin. If you are a blogger, then please tell us which comment plugin you use.

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