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8 Best URL Shortener Sites to Shorten Long Links

The long URL looks odd. With the help of some URL shortener, long URL can be shortened to fancy them. Even after being short, he does all the work. By the time, the URL shortener on the web has become a trend. You might have seen an example of a short URL on Twitter that looks strange. By the way, there are many URL shorteners at the moment, you can use your free usage to shorten the lengthy URL of your blog and share them with social networking platforms like Facebook, Twitter and anywhere. So let us tell you about 8 best URL shortener tools.

Best URL Shortener Tools Like Google URL Shortener

1. Bitly Bitly URL Shortener Bitly is the most popular URL shortener tools. It makes your tall URL shorter faster. If you want to track the shorten URLs by Bitly, how many times your short URL has been clicked, you will have to create an account by Sign Up into Bitly. You can also bookmark all your short URLs in the Bitly Dashboard.

2. TinyURL The TinyURL is also another great URL shortener. Even today is quite popular. It also shortens the URL like Bitly. You can make your link branded link.

3. Owly URL Shortener The is also a popular URL shortener alternative. This is Hootsuite’s service. Hootsuite is a well-known social media scheduling tool. It also offers URL shrink features. You can quickly shorten your link and make it branded. It is also very easy to use this Tool. This is very important for a blogger. also lets you share files, videos, and images.

4. URL Shortener is a simple and very easy URL shrinker tool. Apart from the URL, it does not offer any other features to you. It shortens your long URL in just a few seconds because it does not have a captcha or sign-in feature.

5. AdFly AdfFly URL Shortener is also popular in the whole world due to its URL shortener service. It also shortens the long URL and gives them a new look. To use it, you have to create an account on it which is absolutely free. You can also sign in through Facebook and share the URL on Social media sites.

6. The is also a URL shortener service. It also has a unique feature. You can customize your short URL accordingly. It shows you the statistics of your links. Apart from this, you can also view the status of your clicked link according to different countries.

7. Rebrandly Rebrandly As the name suggests only. Rebrandly is also a branded URL shortener service. It offers you to add a custom domain name. This is great for professional bloggers and web developers. You can create 500 branded links per day on this. It can be used easily. You have to create a free account to use it.

8. Shortest You can use to shorten your long URL. You can shrink up to 20 URL at a time. If you are a WordPress user, you can also use its WordPress plugin. From which you can shorten your URLs in your WordPress Dashboard. You can also monetize your blog with the and earn money. This plugin offers you several tools.

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These are 8 best URL shortener tools. You can shorten your long URL by using them free and make your link branded. If you use any other tool, you must tell us through a comment. This article is very useful, so share it with your Social media friends.

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