The 24 Best High Paying Google AdSense Alternatives

Today in this article we will discuss Google AdSense alternatives. All bloggers know that Google AdSense is a popular advertising network because of its high CPC which makes blogging powerful. This is also the best source of online earning from blogging and many bloggers are earning high and showing ads on their blog. To make good online earning with these AdSense alternatives and these methods, it is important to have enough traffic on your blog so that more of the bloggers can do perfect online earning in these ways but here we are going to tell you about 24 best Google AdSense alternatives that you can use to earn extra income every month.

You can earn extra income by showing advertisements on your blog, which you have not even imagined. Using thousands of bloggers ad every few thousands of dollars a day is reduced there are many AdSense alternatives at this time like Chitika, Infolinks, Qadabra and many more which are more popular as Google AdSense. But this does not mean that you use all these ad networks on a single blog. You should show advertisements for just 2 or 3 pop-up ad networks on your blog or website that are popular and follow the Google AdSense policy. So let’s know about best Google AdSense alternatives.

Best Google AdSense Alternatives

1. AdSense Alternatives

The ad network powered by Yahoo. is the best ad network to earn online from blogging, which boosts your income by monetizing the content of your blog. It is almost the same as Google AdSense, ads click through rates. sign-up process is also very easy and there is no requirement for minimum traffic to get approval but the content on your blog should be in the English language only in primarily. Its minimum payout is $100 which you receive by the Paypal and wire transfer.

2. Viglink

Viglink ad network

Viglink is best and different from another all of the AdSense alternative. For the business, blogger, and eCommerce, Viglink is also very great. Viglink is easy to use as well as best. You can also earn great money by adding a link to the business site like a fashion store or Amazon, on your blog. You use keywords like Apple, iPhone to earn more revenue from the blog. It automatically adds ad link to keywords. It is also easy to use and is quickly approved. Its minimum payout $10 and you can receive your ads earning by Paypal, Wire transfer.

3. RevenueHits


RevenueHits is a self-service ad network for publishers. It provides better services to advertiser and publishers around the world. Getting approval is also very easy. Currently, over 2000 publishers from around the world are using this service and earning good revenue. It displays the most relevant ads on the publisher’s website with your audience choice that let’s make more money from your website. Its payout process is also good and trustworthy. Its minimum payout limit is $50 and it pays by payments methods like Paypal, Payoneer, wire transfer.

4. BuySellAds

Buysellads ad

BuySellAds is the highest paying ad network. As the name implies, the company buy and sells the ad space from the website and makes an ad display on your website. It pays 75% of its earnings to its publishers. It pays payment to its publishers by the Paypal. it is also very important to have traffic on your blog to get the approval. You will earn more revenues.

5. Chitika

Chitika AdSense alternatives

Chitika is a well known popular display advertising network. It provides the ads to publishers in 3 formats as display/text ad unit, list unit (like AdSense) and mobile ads. You can easily signup to this ad network and get approval for your blog. Its approval process is also very fast. It is a wonderful alternative to AdSense. There is also no requirement of minimum traffic to take approval from Chitika. The minimum payout of Chitika is $10 which you can receive by Paypal and cheque.

6. Infolinks


Infolinks is a popular in-line text advertising network. The content that is related. If there is a data on your image, it shows the same as similar to that content on your website which makes the click more on the website and your ads income is even higher, because it pays based on pay per click. By seeing its ads on the website, no user remains without clicking on the ads, so to earn more without revenue from the Infolinks, add 6 or 8 links on one password write the content such as on the website so that the number of users on your website increases. Its approval process is also very fast and easy. Its minimum payout is $50 that payout you by Paypal, Wire transfer, eCheck, Western Union, ACH after 45 days.

7. Outbrain


Outbrain is a popular sponsored content network that advertises the publisher’s content and gives the publisher a chance to earn revenues. It does the affiliate advertising to earn more revenue then this, traffic should also be higher on your blog.

8. PropellerAds

Propeller Ads Media

Propeller Ads media is a higher CPC advertisement program. It is popular in the whole world due to the blogger making a better income. Its approval process is also very quick. Thousands of international websites are doing high earning by this ad network. It provides comprehensive and industry-leading advertising for publishers and marketers. It offers desktop and mobile responsive ads. Its minimum payouts are $25.

9. Bidvertiser


Bidvertiser publishers program is also the best AdSense alternative that allows placing the ad on all types of websites. It provides HTML advertising code for the publisher who has to add to the website because It offers native ads, popunder, Direct navigation, and XML ad format which is desktop and mobile responsive. It also gives fast approval for the website. Its threshold $10 which is received by the Paypal, Payza, Wire, and Cheque.

10. BlogAds

Blogads Ads Network

Blogads Ad Network

It has been offering it service to publishers since 2002 and it also trustworthy. Many bloggers are earning good revenues with permission from BlogAds. It is also very easy to get approval from this. If your website is more powerful and traffic is also good then you will definitely earn good money. Its minimum payout is $75 which payout to publishers by Paypal, Bank transfer, and Cheque.

11. Adversal


Adversal is a popular CPM based ad network that allows showing the popup ads of your publishers, from which income is promoted. If Google rejects your AdSense application for any reason, you can try it. It is the best AdSense alternative but its requirement is difficult from Google AdSense and To get approval from Adversal, you must have at least 50000 page views per months on your website and do not have copy content on the website. You can get your advertisement income by Paypal, Cheque, Wire transfer.

12. Adblade


AdBlade is also a popular content style ad networks. It is a favorite ad network of many bloggers. It is similar like Taboola and OutBrain sponsored content ad network who keep their bloggers at high-quality lists. Its signup process is also very easy. To monetize your blog by this ad network, you must have at least 20 pageviews on your website. You can get your income by Paypal, Cheque.

13. Skimlinks


You can also use the Skimlinks as an AdSense alternative. You trust it and get approval. It gives also fast approval. Worldwide over 69000 publishers already use this ad network and it optimizes the content. It automatically converts affiliate links. For the startup,s the Skimlinks had made the partnership with 65 affiliate networks. This ad network uses the merchants including Ford storm, Sephora, Alibaba, Expedia, and Asos. Its minimum payout is $10 which you can get by Paypal and wire transfer.

 14. Beacon Ad Network

Beacon Ad Network is similar Buysellads. It provides banners for your blog to sign up. You can earn good revenues by displaying banners ads on the blog. It offers you various type of ad formats that you can test and place in the right place. You can test and use. BeaconAdNetworks receive over 4 million ad impressions per months. This is the reason that it has earned popularity in less time. You can get cash through Paypal.

15. Taboola


Taboola ad network is popular in the internet world. It power sponsored links and stories some popular websites like the New York Times, TMZ and USA TODAY are making big revenue earning. However, to get approval from this, there should be a minimum of 5000 page views on the website. It sends your advertising earnings through Payoneer.

16. Exponential


Exponential gives publishers the highest revenues. It is also popular and better among publishers and advertisers in the world. There is no requirement for minimum traffic to get approval. This high CPM network quickly monetizes your content. Just update your website regularly. Your new blog will also get fast approval. Its minimum payout $50 which payouts by cheque in 45 days.

17. AdMaven


AdMaven is popular in pop and pop-under advertising networks. This ad network has always been a source of much more earning. You can monetize your blog by creating a publisher account on the website. On the Admaven platform, you can also track your website’s ad performance in the dashboard and analyze all the ad reports intently. If you want to start, after signup, the Admaven ad network provides you with a code that you have to paste in your website and ads are showing on your website shortly after. The minimum payment is $ 50 which you can get by Paypal, Wire on the basis of Net 30.

18. Zemanta


Zamanta is also an AdSense alternative that gives the blogger an opportunity to earn money. It is always ready to move forward in content marketing efforts. You use the Zemanta ad network to grow your ads revenue and keep the website updated by focusing on your goal.

19. Adiply


Adiply is a high CPMs ad network which allows the publishers to make a large number of revenues per impression. It offers a high impact ads format for your blog. Its approval also gets fast and there is no minimum requirement for traffic on it. It also pays by a simple payment method. It sends payments by Paypal and bank transfer.

20. BlogHer Publishing Program

BlogHer is also the best AdSense alternatives that offer ad program likes Sponsored ads, related banner ads and it is best for the female blogger. It is also very easy to get approval and use it. It pays a minimum of $25 by the Paypal and makes a bigger payment by cheque.

21. GumGum

The GumGum is also a great choice of AdSense. If you have large size images on your website then it is best for you. It scans the images and videos before displaying advertising on your site. It is very easy to create a publisher account by signup on it. But to take approval from it, you must have at least 500K monthly traffic on your blog. Its minimum payment is $ 50 and it pays by Paypal of the NET60 payment frequency.

22. Yllix Media

Yllix Media

Yllix Media is also the best ad network that monetizes your website and earns you money online. It is a CPC, CPM, CPA advertising program. You can also earn money from referrals. It also has a good payment processor. You can receive your advertising income by Paypal, Payza, Wire transfer.

23. Adsterra

Adsterra is one of the best premium advertising network. That is, this ad network gives you the opportunity to earn more because Its CPM rates are high. It works based on the geo-targeted ad impression. Its payment process is also very fast. That’s why it pays higher. You can receive your payment by web money, Paypal, Payoneer, ePayments, Bitcoin, Wire, Yandex money.

24. AdRecover


To earn more from advertising, the AdRecover is also a good Google AdSense alternative. You can earn well by monetizing your blog with this ad network. If you want to begin this, you have to create a free publisher account. It gives you approval only in 3 or 7 days and notifies you by email and displays fast loading compliant ads on the website’s Adblock user traffic of the publisher which makes the publisher good income and pays the publisher on a Net 30 basis. Its minimum payment is $ 50 and payment methods are Paypal, eCheque and Wire transfer.

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There are all the best Google AdSense Alternatives. This article is very useful for new bloggers and it is also helpful for all bloggers who become AdSense ban. You read the article. If you are already using any ad networks, then share your opinion with us by commenting.

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