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The 26 Best Free Logo Maker & Logo Generator Tools

Today I’m telling you about best free logo maker websites through which you can create a logo for free. A professional logo is very important for a blog, online business or enterprise. The blog or online business is popular from the logo which blogs and pulls an audience up. Through your logo, your blog or online business becomes memorable in the audience and many times people recognize the business after seeing the logo.

The logo makes your blog or business popular in the whole world. Therefore, it is very important to have the right logo maker tool to design the logo. Now, many free logo maker websites are available on the internet that is free to use and perfect. You just have to work a bit practically and you can create the logo yourself. Just show some creativity in your logo design work. It is very important for an online business to have creativity than the business will be memorable in people, so let’s know about 26 best free logo maker & logo generators tools that will have to be helpful for a business owner.

Top Free Online Logo Maker Websites

1. DesignEvo

DesignEvo logo maker

DesignEvo is the best free website to create a brand logo for your business or blog. It is a perfect free website that offers you over 700 templates and also offers fonts and icons that to whom you can use by searches by categories or keyword that are essential for creating a professional logo. Just spend some time, you will be able to create a professional looking logo.

If you do blogging, then you have to practice designing the logo yourself. You can design 700+ professional looking logo by the website. Over 60+ free 3D logos designs are available on the website. You can also customize the logo completely by designing the logo on the website which you can scale in any size without pixelating. It is a high-quality SVG and PDF logo file and prints it online anywhere. Websites also offer a cloud-based saving feature which you can use to create your account and edit the once saved logo in your account at any time.

On the website, you can design numerous usage scenarios logo like company organization logo website or blog logo, social media profile logo, software and app logo, business logo, club logo and more. The site offers premium usage too, if you wish, you can also try it.

2. Graphic Springs

Graphic springs

By Graphic spring, you can design a unique logo. It offers different templates and designing features you through which you can create a colorful logo as per your blog’s requirement. To design a logo on the website, all the options are available which are required by blogger. You can save a big amount by doing a little bit of the logo, then use the shapes and symbols given on the website so that you will give your logo a stronger design.

3. LogoMakr


LogoMakr tool is best that provide you simple drag features so that you can easily design by shaping your logo. Shape and choose color and text that you want to show in the logo. Enter that and you select the icon and shape and choose the color and enter the text you want to show in the logo and select your logo design. Just get ready and download your designed logo on the computer for free and enjoy.

4. UCraft


UCraft is different from all other logo maker websites. The features include web templates and free cloud hosting etc. If you want to create a free logo on this website then it gives you the opportunity to design a free logo as a bonus. Not only this but also the icon to make the logo more creative. You can choose any color, font size, shape, text option according to your own and you can give amazing shape to your logo. In more than 22000 shapes have been given.

5. Online Logo Maker


Online logo maker is also another best logo maker that offers many features to design a perfect logo for your business. Its features include font design and size, colors, shapes and thousands of shapes. If you wish then you can also upload your image and can start to design a logo. You can also create a free account on the site to save your logo so that you can download your logo anytime later.

If you want to make your logo more creative then you can also use its premium package which gives you an opportunity to design a high-quality logo. However, you can download 500px size image for free and to download the high-resolution logo you will have to buy a premium package.

6. DesignMantic


The DesignMantic free logo generator offers you preferred logo styles, shapes, fonts, and colors that you can use to generate a nice logo for your business. To start you enter the name of your business and select the industry category given on the website which is related to your business and chooses the color and fonts then type text and enjoy. This helps you design a professional looking logo for free.

7. Shopify


Shopify is famous in the whole world to provide various tools and online services for online business. In this, you will find all the tools used to start your online business, which are the most commonly used tools such as business name generators, QR code generator, and free logo maker. Start designing the logo with the Shopify logo generator you choose color and icon by entering your business name and give a perfect design to your logo. You can design the logo for your blog in a few minutes by Shopify logo generator tool. You must this online logo maker tool to experiment once.

8. Logo Type Maker


Logotype maker is an online logo generator tool that provides you to over 1000 professional templates and over 200 awesome fonts and over 600000 vector shapes that help you to create your professional looking logo in a few minutes. This tool is easy to use to design a logo with the tool you start. This tool is perfect for blogger and web developer that is sure free. You can also customize the fonts, colors while designing.

9. Zillion Designs

Once you’ve designed the logo for your business, use the zillion design logo maker tool and enter your business name in the text. Now customize the color and make your logo look perfect. Which looks unique. You can easily design a great logo with this logo generator tool.

10. Logo Maker

Logo maker tool



Over 20 million business has used this popular Logotype Maker service. It offers over 100 logo design templates. To design a free logo in 5 minutes you customize colors, fonts, and layout and enjoy. You can design as many logos as you like this site. If you want to design a high-resolution logo, you have to pay the fee for it. You will continue to practice the tool constantly.

11. Free Logo Design


Free logo design is a user-friendly logo editor. With the help of which you can design a professional logo for your business or blog in just a few clicks. Through this tool, you can also create Business logo, club logo or organization logo for free. You choose hundreds of the templates available on the website and customize the colors, fonts, shape, and spend some time in order to make the logo the logo you designed and save for the future.

12. Logaster


Logaster is a most used and popular design tool that is best to create a small size logo for free.  You can also free signup to the site and save your logo design for the future as well. You definitely use the Logaster logo generator tool once. This tool will help you design the amazing looking logo, but if you want to download your full-size logo, you will have to pay a small amount for it.

13. Canva


Canva is popular for its creativity and features. Use the Canva to create an effective logo for your business. It provides many free and paid templates for you. Not only this, you can use this tool to create a business card, letterheads for your business. But you start from the free templates and select the color, fonts, and enter the text, and give your logo a nice look. It’s also a drop option that helps you in designing an image.

This tool is very easy. You can also create a logo by using its graphics feature. If you want, you use the free library of Canva.

14. Logo Garden


By using Logo Garden logo generator tool, you can create an image for your online business in a few minutes. All sample category wise is available on the website. That creates your logo design work easy. Whatever your business is doing, you can browse the icon from its icon collection and apply colors to your logo. You can scroll through the homepage of the site and see at the samples of the logo.

Its free logo generator provides the best variety of design tools, fonts, and editing options. It also provides custom logo design services for which you will have to pay a certain amount.

15. Free Logo Services


The free logo services offer thousands of editable logo design to you. Simply select the design on your logo on the website and customize colors, shapes, fonts and enter text. After finalizing the logo, download and use your logo and save it for use in the future.

Apart from this, various types of Order business card designs, T-Shirt designs, Pens are available on the website which are necessary for any online business.

16. Squarespace


If you run an online business then you must use square space tool to make your business professional looking because square space provides many essential for strong a website. But here we are talking about designing a logo. On this tool, you can customize the color and font by browsing your favorite icons and designing a perfect logo and downloading the designed logo free with low-resolution. But to download high-resolution logo you will have to purchase its premium package.

17. Design Hill


Design hill is also a free logo generator that offers many services like facebook and twitter cover, photo makers and Qr code generator. Thousands of shapes are available on the site to generate a free logo. You can choose one to start. This tool is completely free for you. You can customize your text, fonts, and color as you like and design the perfect logo for the business.

18. Oberlo Logo Maker


Some creative works are essential to make new business popular quickly. Business anyone can hard work easier to get success quickly. To start a business, choose a business name that is unique and is not being used in the past. You can also get business name ideas by using these business name generators and come to the Oberlo logo maker tool and customize the logo by choosing a template, styles, fonts, colors and enter text and practice it for 10-15 minutes to in designing the professional looking logo. This tool is very useful. You must use it once.

19. Hipster Logo Generator

Hipster logo generator tool helps you to create a professional looking logo. You can design a professional logo for your business. By the way, a number of icons on the website is low, let you can design a good logo by displaying some creativity and download it for free.

20. Markmaker

Markmaker logo maker


Markmaker tool is different from other logo maker tools. Apart from the logo designing features, it also offers you useful features like the computational graphic designing tool, Emoji generators. you start designing the logo. and showing some creativity. You will soon be able to create the perfect logo for your business.

21. Logo Foundry


Logo foundry is a popular professional logo design suite that helps you to create powerful branding for your business. You can give an idea of how much professional this tool is by looking at the site’s homepage. 3000+ symbols, shapes & icons available on the tool. Just you go to the Logo foundry and start designing the logo. Advanced features have been provided on the Logo foundry which helps greatly in designing the logo. You can also join the growing community of designers and share your own logo and be able to download from others.

22. Vectr

Vectr is a user-friendly tool that offers useful features, It’s like using this GIMP. You can also use the tool online and also by downloading it is a computer. Vectr is the best logo design tool that you can use online or offline in any way. It is different from any other logo designing tool but offers useful features. This tool is also absolutely free to use. You can learn how to use the tool by looking at the user guide and tutorial given on the website. With this tool you can also create 2D graphics in addition to the logo and prepare business cards, Icons, websites, illustrations, resumes, brochures, posters presentation and more.

23. Design free Logo Online

Design free logo online

By design free logo online tool you can create a 3D logo for free, you start designing the logo by selecting a template, colors, fonts, shapes. There are many useful and advanced features given on this tool which are essential to creating a professional looking logo. It is the best 3D logo creator tool and it is easy to use.

24. Logojoy


Logojoy is also best logo design tool that is quite free to use. Different logo mockups, logo design styles, templates have been provided on the Logo joy logo creator tool which are necessary for creating a creative logo. You start and select perfect logo styles, colors, and icons and enter your company name. You must have the creativity to make logo professional and You will be able to create a professional logo for a business. Apart from this, the business card, T-shirts design are also available on the website.

25. Logogenie

Logogenie logo maker

Design a logo is very easy with Logo genie online logo generator tool and it’s easy to use. Its interface is also quite simple. You can make your business more popular and design the perfect logo to attract more people to your business. You will be able to design a great logo by using this online logo designing tool. Just have to choose the colors, design, shape, orientation carefully. After creating a logo, you can download your logo.

26. Logo Yes

Logoyes online logo maker

This online logo creator is also the best tool. It is free and easy to use and you can use the Logo yes logo design tool to design a professional logo for your business. You do not need any design experience or software to design the logo by the Logo yes tool. This online tool has many features, through which you can design a creative logo for your business.

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All these logo generators tools will be helpful in designing a perfect logo. Try using all the tools and design an effective logo for your online business. If you have already used any of these tools then you must share your logo design work experience with us and tell through the comments.

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