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The 12 Best Free Image Hosting Sites for 2021

Here are the best free image hosting sites. On these sites, you can host your own private images. By the way, the size of the images is less. But if the number of images is high then it becomes difficult to manage them. So it’s better that you upload all your images to these free image hosting sites. On these sites, you should leave the worry of your image data loss and data security. Because all of these free image hosting & sharing sites use the cloud server.

Another advantage of the cloud server is that you can access your images anywhere from the internet and from any device. These sites are important for all professional photographers. So let’s know about 12 best free image hosting sites.

Best Free Image Hosting Sites

12 Best Image Hosting & Sharing Websites

1. Google Photos

Google is also the top in providing free image hosting service. Due to its various services, Google is popular all over the world. To get started, log in to your Gmail account at the site and start uploading your images. Managing multiple images on Google photos is very simple. All images are stored on the cloud server. The cloud server keeps on taking a backup of your images data will never be lost. Your uploaded images are stored on Google Drive on the site. Google offers a 15 GB free storage space with Gmail to every user.

2. Flickr

Flickr is the most used image sharing site in the world. You will find all the new and old images on it. This is a big and favorite platform for photographers in the world. You can better manage images on this site. It also has image editing tools which are free to use. Flickr allows you to share your images anywhere in the world. Apart from this, you will also find videos on Flickr, which are free to share anywhere. Flickr offers 1 TB free storage space to each user. Flickr also allows uploading your images free. It also takes backups your images from Desktop, DropBox, andApple iPhoto.

3. Dropbox

As its name is also a popular free cloud storage image hosting site. To upload your images, you can create a free account on this and start uploading the images. All your photos on this site are on the cloud. It accepts various file format. You can upload your images on the web, email, and mobile. there’s also a mobile app for the Dropbox. You can sync with the stored image’s dropbox in your Desktop and mobile. It automatically takes a backup of your data. The Dropbox gives you 3 GB free storage space, which is much smaller than Flickr and Google Drive.

4. Imgbox

ImgBox is a fast, simple image hosting site. This site offers to upload images without creating an account. However, in order to better manage this service, you can create a free account on it. ImgBox also provides image link and image HTML code to all your images. This will make it easier for you to share your images on social media sites. It also offers you drag and drops, forum friendly code and image galleries features.

5. 500px

500px is also the world’s leading image hosting site, which is used by professionals and photographers worldwide. Photographers at this site share their amazing photos in their community. This is the popular social network of photographers. You can also like and share your favorite photos on this. Photos available on 500px are used by many magazines, publication, and company.

6. Imgur

Imgur is also a popular image hosting site because of its great features. You can upload your photos and host it free. You create a free account on Imgur and start uploading your images by making an album. This site provides you a link to all your images so that you can share your images anywhere on the internet. It supports JPG, JPEG, PNG, APNG, GIF, BMP, TIF, and XCF file format.

7. ImageVenue

ImageVenue supports JPEG and JPG file formats. You can enter the size of the image when uploading the image to it. The site resizes large size images automatically. You can upload 5 images at a time on the site. It provides BB codes, HTML code, and URL to all images. Auction sites is a free image hosting site for the message board and blogger which provides 30 GB storage space with unlimited bandwidth.

8. TinyPic

TinyPic image hosting site is running Photobucket. You can share images and videos without creating an account at TinyPic. It also allows sharing of images and videos by URL. The interface of the site is simple. It supports JPG, PNG, BMP, and GIF file formats. You can upload your images on it and access them later.

9. ImageShack

Imageshack offers you to upload free photos. You need to create a free account to access the full features of the site. You can also use its premium version for 30days. It offers 10 GB storage space free of charge per month. there is also a choice to keep images secret and make public on the site. This service offers you web and mobile applications so you can upload and share images from anywhere. It also provides ShakeIt, SkyPath, and ImageShack resize applications that make it easy to edit, crop and share your images.

10. PostImages

Postimage is also included in the list of image hosting sites. You can host free images on this. It provides various links to the image you uploaded, which contains image link, direct link, markdown, a thumbnail for the forum or website, image hotlink and image removal link. These links make it easy for you to share your image elsewhere. You can create your images gallery on the site. there is also a choice to automatically share the image on the site.

11. Photobucket

Photobucket is also the best for image hosting. It lets you manage and share your photos. The site supports JPG, JPEG, PNG and BMP file format. It offers a 2 GB free storage space to its users, which is enough for small business owners. But it gives 8 GB of storage space on the mobile app. It provides 10 GB bandwidth to each user.

12 ImgBB

This image hosting site is the last of this list which supports JPG, PNG, BMP, GIF, TIF and WEBP file format. Your images are stored in its servers forever. This site also offers to upload images without sign up. But in order to access your images, you have to create an account on it. It also provides the embed code for the image you uploaded.

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These are the 12 best free image hosting sites that are very important for bloggers and photographers. All of these image hosting services also offer photo sharing feature. Please share this post on social media sites and enjoy.

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