10 Best Broken Link Checker Tools to Scan Entire Website

Broken links are very harmful to search engines and readers. Broken links have a bad effect on SEO and broken links shows you the 404 error message in which there is no web page. It can be very difficult to check the broken links manually, so in today’s post, I will tell you about some free broken link checker tools, by which you can find all the 404 error pages of your website.

Most Useful Broken Link Checker Tools

1. Online Broken Link Checker


Online broken link checker is a powerful tool to check all the links on the site. It scans 3000 pages of your website at the same time and their URL shows you. It scans all the broken links of your site’s internal and external links and displays any of the broken links and shows you.

2. Dr Link Check


This tool is very fun to use. It checks your website’s links and find for all the broken links and shows them. In the link progress, it shows the source of the link issue type, link types, link schemes, redirects, internal and inbound links, Dofollow and Nofollow links.

3. Dead Link Checker


This tool also checks your website’s broken links. Broken links cause damage to the ranking and usability of the website. There are 3 options are given on the home page of the site. Site check, Multisite check, Auto check. With site check, you can check a website links and multisite check option commands to check for many sites but for that, you have to create a free account on the site. For auto check, you will have to buy its plan. I will recommend you to use the site check and multisite check options only. There is also a choice to check the single page on this tool. The tool is very easy to use.

4. Google Webmaster Tools

Google- Webmaster-tools

Google webmaster tool is one of the oldest and powerful SEO tool in which you can detect broken links by checking all the links on your website. All webmasters, developers and website owners use this tool. Google’s spider crawls all the URLs whose links contain no pages. You can check the broken link (Page Note Found) by clicking on the crawl errors option of the crawl section in the Google webmaster tool’s Dashboard.

5. Xenu’s Link Sleuth


This free tool is also perfect for checking broken links of a website. It scans all the links on the website. You can use this tool by downloading it in your windows PC. This tool is easy to use. You use the tool and check all the internal and external links of your site shortly and broken links will show you. This creates a plain HTML report with scan results that you can save in your computer to check later.

6. Internet Marketing Ninjas


This is a very useful broken link checker tool for web developer and bloggers. You must use this powerful tool once. It shows all the internal and external links of your website and also shows their different HTML report.

7. Check My Links Chrome Extension


Check my links chrome extension can be better for chrome users. It shows all the valid links, invalid links, valid redirecting links, warning on the page when searching any web page in the browser. It checks all the links on the page very fast. I also use it to check the links of my blog. It’s also best to find link building opportunities.

8. Power Mapper Link Checker


This is another best one-click website tools by which you can scan entire website links and find out the broken links of the website. You can also check the broken links of your PDF, Word and Excel file. You can also check the broken links of the RSS. This tool checks all errors of the PHP/ASP/ASAP script and the servers. New users can use this tool to get a little confused.

9. Link Checker


It is also another best link checker tool and it is free to use and shows you all the errors by checking all the links of your website and showing it to you. This finds broken links within the document. It also supports HTTP/HTTPS, FTP, local files links, custom page checking, and also offers many more features like CSS, Syntex checks, antivirus check.

10. W3C Link Checker


This last tool in this list is also perfect. This SEO tool is useful for any web developer and website owner. Apart from checking the broken links of the website, this offers you many useful SEO tools like Domain tools, Text tool, and miscellaneous tool. You must visit the site once and use all the other tools.

Here is other tool that will scan the entire website and find the broken links and show you.

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This is a list of some of the best-broken link checker tools through which you can check the 404 error of your website links. To properly optimize your site’s SEO, please make sure to use these broken link checker tools 2 or 4 times a month and test all the web pages of the website and make your site clean for search engines and visitors. If you check the links of your website by any other tool, then share it with us in our comments about that tool.

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