The 9 Best Free Blogging Platforms : 2019 Edition

Are you thinking of creating a free blog if yes, then read this article carefully? If you do not know about popular blogging platforms like Blogger and WordPress, and you’ve decided to create a blog, then let’s start. Are you getting confused with choosing blogging platforms before making a career in the blogging and you are confused, here I’m going to guide you how you can easily choose the best blogging platform?

9 Best Blogging Platforms

At this time there are so many blogging platforms on the internet to creating a free blog, some people become confused. Don’t you confuse? You read this article carefully. In this article will you give information about the blogging platform.

1. Tumblr

Tumblr Blogging Platforms

I put it on the first list. Tumblr is a great blogging platform and easy to use. Creating a blog on it seems fun. You will learn the information about the blog. This is very handy. Do you think I spent some time on the internet and awakened the idea of writing this article? if you want to create a food blog and you want to keep your pictures online on the internet, Tumblr is the best for you. People are more eager to see the picture, so let’s try the Tumblr.

2. Blogger

Blogger free blogging platforms

This is the older and most popular blogging platform to create a blog on this, login with Gmail ID. By blogging on it, you can publish your thought, in the entire world. This is Google’s free blogging service that gives connect to make blogger’s ideas online in the world. While using it, you will learn the basic thing of blogging that will help you to strengthen your blogging knowledge by learning the basic thing. But the blogger’s attention offers the limited features to the user. Whether or not your blog is online in the world, Google suddenly stopped the services then you would lose your blog.


WordPress free blogging platforms

WordPress is also the most popular blogging platform in the world. It is completely open source and easy to use. If you want to make a blog on WordPress, first know that you can use it in two ways, and You can create a hosted web site on, you can use free themes but even after having such a free feature, its features are limited but WordPress (self-hosted) all the features of it in your hand. you can use free themes on it. Because there is no limitation on it. By which you can make your blog more professional as you like, you can use the plugin as you like. It may be different to set up new users for it. But once you have confused it correctly, you will be impressed with all of its features.

You will feel better and keep your blog organized will enable Google to find with a search. On the WordPress, you can arrange professionalism with an individual blog.

4. Weebly

Weebly free blogging platforms

Weebly is a popular website builder. Its drag and drop feature also helps you to create a webpage of your choice. here you can increase your creativity freely. You can use it free by sign up in at it. This website builder is amazing. On this platform, you can also use a free theme. You can also use the domain on the website or you can get a paid domain and become more intelligent. This will improve your workmanship.

5. Wix

Wix free blogging platforms

It is basic HTML5 based blogging platforms. It also drags and drops website builders that lets you look at the webpage accordingly. It’s a good time to use the Wix because it offers you more than 500 themes. You can choose any theme you like. If you want to refine your creativity on it, it offers 500mb storage and 1 GB bandwidth with a free account. If you want to use it as a professional, you can take advantage of all its features by buying a premium domain and hosting and can also take advantage of Google analytics.

6. Yola

Yola free blogging platforms

Yola has its own amazing features. You can create three web pages in its free plan, which offers 1 GB storage and bandwidth. Its features limited. This blogging platform is ad-free so your blog will be clean.

7. Medium

Medium free blogging platforms

If you are interested in writing then the medium is best for you. The medium looks like a magazine to see where you can make your views online in the world. Just choose your niche and start writing.

You will be famous as a writer on the internet. Whatever you think in mind, just share it here. This will improve your writing skills as well as more people will know you. Here, the articles related to every niche are shared which will increase your creativity. You must check it once using it.

8. Ghost

Ghost free blogging platforms

Ghost is a professional publishing platform which is fully open source as well as the power of the blogs, magazines. Using the Ghost blogging platform, your blogging experience improves, so that you learn the basic of the blogging. It seems like a fun platform to use. Ghost is amazing when you are planning to do blogging. You can compare it to the WordPress, Medium, and Tumblr. Ghost uses modern technology, stack with sensible components and abstractions and hundreds of beautiful free and paid themes are available on it.


Pen io blogging platforms

On, you can create a blog without experience. On this, you can start writing without even sign up. But I would like to tell you that person is not a blogging platform, but you can share your professional idea on the web. It provides you a URL to your post. With this, you can stay anonymous online. This is best for a new blogger. There is no limit to writing post, you can write as you want.

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There are many blogging platforms through which you can start a blogging career. At this time, blogging has increased on the internet, if you want to become a fashion blogger you can use the Tumblr and make your views online. In all these blogging platforms, you choose one blogging platform more than one. Everyone has their own fame. This is a great blogging platform for people to talk to their point of view. If you are ready then it’s a good time for you to choose a good blogging platform and publish the views.

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