27 Best Blog Promotion Sites To Boost Your Blog

Today’s article is about blog promotion sites. Traffic is very important for any blog or website. Often all new blogger face blog traffic problem. It is not enough to write a blog post after creating a blog, because the content of this contest is very similar in many places. Therefore, sharing your content to a prominent place will make your content appear to thousands of people. By the way, there are many more ways to increase blog traffic through which traffic will come to your blog and people will recognize your blog. These are some of the ways like High PR DoFollow forum, Directories submission, social bookmarking, and Commenting.

To increase blog traffic, many bloggers start spamming on social media sites, which is absolutely wrong. If you really want to attract people to your blog and want to create a new identity in the internet world, then you have to think back and forth. To solve your problem, I have published a list of 27 best blog promotion sites today. You can get huge traffic by sharing the content of your blog on all these blog promotion sites.

Best Blog Promotion Sites To Boost Your Blog


27 Free Blog Promotion Sites To Share Your Blog Post

1. Medium

Medium is a munch where you can share the post that was published on your blog. It is also a popular free blogging platform where professionals share their knowledge and personal experience. Medium uses famous celebrities all over the world, such as Barak Obama. So you can also increase the traffic of your blog by Medium.

2. Facebook

Facebook is the largest used social networking site in the world. All bloggers, business owner, and web developer have a Facebook fan page. Not only that, but Facebook is also used to create networks with friends and relatives. Apart from this, online goods are also sold on Facebook. That’s why Facebook has a better place to promote any blog or business. You can create your Facebook profile and Facebook business page and share your blog posts on them. This will increase traffic to your blog immediately.

3. LinkedIn

LinkedIn is also a popular social media platform where all professionals and blogger have an account. You can also share your blog post on your LinkedIn profile and join all related LinkedIn groups from your blog niche and share blog posts on them. This will bring tremendous traffic to your blog.

4. Twitter

Twitter is the world’s most populated social network on which all category influencers are active. You can also follow the related account from your blog niche on Twitter. Share a blog post on your Twitter account, which will send heavy traffic to your blog from all countries. To increase blog traffic, you get used to being active on Twitter.

5. Pinterest

When we are talking about blog promotion sites, we also respect Pinterest. Pinterest is also a popular social media site. You can pin your images on Pinterest so that users will be attracted to your images and visit your blog.

6. Instagram

Instagram is also a popular social network site that Facebook running. This is also a better platform for promoting a blog or business. You can also drive traffic to the blog by sharing your blog’s post on it.

7. Reddit

Reddit is also the perfect place to share blog content. It is a powerful munch where people exchange all types of content. A blogger or website owner makes a great effort to make a special identity on the internet. Reddit is a munch where your blog content will be viral.

8. Mix

Previously Mix service was popular with StumbleUpon. But by shutting down StumbleUpon all the services are on Mix. Many users like it. You can also share your content by creating your profile on it and you can increase the number of your blog visitors.

9. Pingler

Pingler is a ping service that crawls your blog to the search engine and requests to index your content. That’s why Pingler is also best for increasing traffic to the blog. Many bloggers are currently using Pingler service.

10. BlogLovin

BlogLovin is a popular community where you can submit your blog to newcomers. This is a well-designed platform. It has a content display from sources of RSS feeds. This is especially effective for promoting your blog.

11. Flipboard

Flipboard is the world’s top news aggregator and social network. You can also share an article by making a board on Flipboard. The content on this is increasingly viral, which will cause lots of traffic to your blog. Using Flipboard is very easy. Almost all bloggers use Flipboard to promote their blog. But be careful not to spam while sharing articles on it. It also lets you retweet like Twitter.

12. AllTop

You can add your blog’s feed to AllTop aggregator. It automatically shares your post. To get started, you create an account on AllTop and submit your post in the related category. The other work will do it yourself and drive traffic to your blog.

13. Feedly

Feedly can also help drive traffic to your blog. This is also a news aggregator on which all niche content-related content is available. To get started, add your blog’s RSS feed URL to it. After this, whatever blog post you share, it automatically shares all the posts.

14. BizSugar

Bizsugar is the oldest and popular community for bloggers. You can also share your content on it and build relation for minded people. On this, related articles are submitted from marketing, finance, management, technology, and startup. This service is also quite effective for promoting the blog.

15. BlogEngage

BlogEngage is also a popular community and social network. It allows you to submit your blog article. This is the platform to share your content with other people. The published content is in front of all people. It is an old community and is active all the time.

16. XING

Xing is also a powerful social media service. You can also join related groups from your niche on xing and share your content in all those groups. Almost all bloggers are using this service.

17. Snapchat

Snapchat is a multimedia messaging app that is used all over the world. It’s a smartphone app like Instagram that is used to make social connections. You can also use Snapchat to promote your blog.

18. Growth Hacker

You can use Growth Hacker to ask questions and share a link to your post when you reply to a topic. But spamming not sharing at all, while sharing the link. This is also helpful in increasing traffic on the blog.

19. Zest.is

It is a powerful service. Zest.is also offers you chrome add-ons. It provides the user’s to high-quality marketing content. It opens your favorite niche content in a new tab and makes your content viral.

20. Imgur

Imgur is a place to discover your content. You can add your post links on it. You can also share your images, GIF on it. This is also a popular service for blog promotion where all the people of the country are active.

21. VK

VK is the Russian’s most popular social media service. You can join your related groups on VK and share the post of your blog in them. This social media service is also great for bloggers who promote their blog fast.

22. Viral Content Buzz

Viral Content Buzz is also a free service that makes your content more sharable at a popular social networking site. You can also create your free account on this and promote your blog or business faster.

23. Quora

Quora is the world’s most popular Q/A site on which millions of people are active all the time and find answers to their questions. You create a free account on Quora and join the related community from your niche. Answering the questions on this, and add a link to your related blog post. You can also use Quora to generate traffic for your blog within a few days. It makes your content viral all over the world. All professional bloggers use Quora service.

24. Triberr

You can also share your blog post on Triberr to drive traffic to your blog. Triberr gives priority to related content from all niche. Join this service and connect your blog’s RSS feed and social account. All your post will start showing in the Triberr profile.

25. Scoop.it

Scoop.it is also a popular blog directory in the world. You can also submit and share your blog content on it. By sharing your blog post on this, your content will be increasingly viral and the number of visitors to your blog will increase.

26. Digg

Digg is also a popular service where your content becomes viral content. Here you will find all the trending articles. Almost all the popular bloggers are using this service to get a lot of traffic on their blog.

27. Tumblr

Tumblr is also a great place for blog promotion. This makes your blog’s post viral and increases the traffic of the blog. The service is absolutely free. You create an account on this and start posting.

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So there are blog promotion sites that will promote your blog faster and make your blog content viral. All these blog promotion sites will make your blog popular in a short time. You create your account on all these sites and share the posts. This article will have you liked. If any sites have missed this list, then please comment. You must share this article with your social media friends.

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