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The 20 Best Android Apps For Every Bloggers in 2021

Here we will tell you about the best Android Apps, which are very important for every blogger. The use of Android smartphones is increasing in the internet era. Smartphones have made all our work easier, as well as a lot of knowledge from the internet and for the blogger the bloggers the smartphone is very important. Blogger should take all the benefits of using a smartphone, thereby making blogging life easier. The millions of apps all downloaded from the bottom are available to download at Google Play Store. There are many apps that are important for all bloggers. Because some apps make blogger work easier. So today I have listed some of the best Android apps for blogger which will be useful for all bloggers and also help in growing blogging career.

20 Best Android Apps Every Blogger Should Use

1. WordPress

WordPress Android Apps

WordPress is the top Android app for bloggers, which allows them to write a post from the Smartphone and access your WordPress admin (Dashboard). With this app, you can see all the details of your WordPress website. If you are a WordPress user, then you must use the WordPress Android apps.

2. Pingdom

Pingdom Android Apps

It is very important for a blogger to monitor site uptime and downtime. For this, you can also install the Pingdom Android apps. Pingdom is a very important website speed test tools for all website owners and web developers. It shows the performance of your website and also shows the loading speed of the website and page and resolves the root causes and send alerts on your smartphone. You can use this Android app by creating a free account.

3. Google Analytics

Google Analytics Android Apps

With Google’s helpful tool you can check the traffic of your blog on the smartphone. With Google Analytics Android apps, you can also do real-time analysis of your blogs like website visitors, page views, session, bounce rate, unique users, visitors, landing pages and more.

4. Google AdSense

Google AdSense Android Apps

Google AdSense Android

Google AdSense

Google AdSense

Google AdSense

Google AdSense

You can check your Adsense earning by the Google Adsense Android app. You can also track real-time earning, page views, ad-clicks, CPM, RPM, click through rate and more. This is the most important Android App for bloggers who have put Google AdSense Ads on their blog.

5. Flipboard

Flipboard Android Apps

The Flipboard Android app is also very important for all bloggers. Keep in an update with the latest news, videos in the entire world you use Flipboard application. This makes it easy for a blogger work. You connect it to your social network facebook, twitter and look for your next blog post.


IFTTT Android Apps

IFTT share your new blog post automatically on Facebook, Twitter, and other social networks. This will make your blogging work easier. To make your blog popular quickly, install today’s IFTT Android app on your smartphone.

7. Buffer

Buffer Android Apps

This is also a popular Android application for managing your social media accounts. Through the Buffer application, you can publish posts to all social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Linkedin with the one click at the one time. It also shows the views and clicks of your blog post. If you already using it then it is okay and if not, install it in your smartphone and grow your blog.

8. Blogger

Blogger Android Apps

Blogger is also a popular free blogging platform that gives people the freedom to create a free blog. If you have created a blog on Blogger, you can install it on your smartphone and edit post, publish the post and manage all the draft posts. But compared to the WordPress app, its features are limited.

9. Writer


The writer is also a popular writing application. People also knew it by the name of the stripped-down word processor. It allows you to take notes or write notes on your phone or tablet. With this app, you can turn your thoughts into numbers such as text, markdown. It offers you free writing environment. This is also a great application for bloggers who save a lot of time from blogging.

10. Photo Editor

Photo Editor

Blogger has to upload a related image while creating a post on the blog. If you do mobile blogging then the photo editor Android app can be the right choice for you. With this app, you can also edit, crop and resize photos snapped on your smartphone with a slight touch and can publish them by adding them to your blog post.

11. Facebook Page Manager

Facebook Page Manager

Almost all bloggers and business owners have Facebook pages. If you are a blogger then install the facebook page manager application to manage your Facebook page from Android device and keep your page up to date. This app becomes necessary when you are away from a computer or laptop. You can promote a blog or product. You can also reply to the message. This application must be installed in Blogger’s smartphone.

12. Evernote


Evernote is a great blogging app. You can do many daily works on Evernote. You can also save notes on any devices. This is my favorite application and makes my work easier. This app is very useful for Blogger.

13. Feedly


The Feedly feed reader app is also very important for all bloggers. Feedly allows you to search and read the popular blogs. You can subscribe to many RSS feed sites to read posts and follow all those sites on the Feedly. Thee Feedly Android apps for bloggers is amazing.

14. Pocket


The Pocket is the most important Android application for internet users. With the Pocket app, you can save posts on your smartphone that you can read later. You can view the saved videos on this app later without an internet connection. You can also use the Pocket app offline too. The Pocket app makes it easy for all internet users and saves valuable time.

15. Tape-a-Talk Voice Recorder

Tap-a-Talk voice recorder

Bloggers also need to record voice on your mobile. Whether you are an interview or a note-to-self-reminder, you can manage all of your smartphones. It records voice and audio in high-quality and allows you to voice recording to be uploaded to many services like Quora and integrated Cloud upload (Google Drive, Dropbox, Box, One Drive). You can also save your recordings to external and internal storage.

16. Quora


Quora is a popular Q&A platform that allows all the people of the world to share knowledge. It is better to blog promotion. Almost all bloggers use Quora. You can use it on your smartphone and you can also do question answering and connect with the first-hand knowledge people.



All bloggers need a dictionary. You can make your blogging work easier by the Dictionary Android apps. Because some words are such that they are confusing while writing a blog post. If you do not know the meaning of a word or phrase, then the Dictionary app is a solution to all these problems.

18. Sinium SEO Tools

Sinium SEO Tool

Sinium SEO tools is a popular Android app. This can be beneficial for mobile blogging users. If you want to check the performance of your blog on mobile then the Sinium SEO Tools is the best for you. There is a collection of 50+btools like SEO ranking tools, SEO research tools, SEO performance tools, On-Page SEO, Off-Page SEO, Blog/News/WordPress SEO, Domain tools, Security tools and more, through which you can check the broken links of your blog. You can also check backlinks and make your blog SEO better.

19. SocialPilot


Social media is a big contributor to making the blog popular. Up to date on social media keeps your blog fresh. It is very important to share all the posts of your blog on social media. For this, you use the Social piolet Android apps. By this app, you can share your posts on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr, VK, XIng and more. You can also schedule your post automatically. It is a top free social media scheduling tools

20. Grammarly Keyboard


Grammarly keyboard is the best app for bloggers who update their blog on a smartphone or tablet. Grammer mistakes are essentially writing blog posts from all bloggers. By installing this app on blogger in your smartphone it is very easy to write error-free content. While writing a blog post, these grammar mistakes show. You can also read us the best online grammar checker tools post.

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This is the list of the best Android apps for blogger. We knew that this post will be useful for those bloggers who edit and publish a blog post from their smartphone or tablet. If there is an app other than these apps which are not listed then you can share it with us via comment.

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