4 Ways Commercial Property Valuation is Beneficial

When you are buying or selling a property, valuation is an imperative part of the transaction process. While several property owners believe that annual commercial property valuation is an unwanted expense of time and money, this process will actually prove to be an asset for a business. Here are 4 main reasons as to why commercial property owners should conduct valuation of real estate in Yangon regularly:

Receive Financing:

If you need funding from a bank to either purchase a new property or for any other purpose such as development or maintenance, the loan that you acquire will have to be secured against an asset. This asset must be something that is registered in the name of the person or business.

At this time, a bank officer will evaluate the value of your commercial property. When your property value grows in time and you are aware of the same through valuation, it gives you the ability to renegotiate the bank’s lending terms and even apply for additional funding if required.

Determine the Best Use of a Property:

Determining the best use of a property will help you sell it at the most profitable selling price, or receive great rental yields. For instance, if a residential property has to be transformed into a commercial property, the market value of the same increases. After considering which asset category – such as commercial, industrial etc. – is best suited for your property, you could earn the best rentals and tenants.

End of Lease Repairs:

After a lease comes to an end, the landlord will claim for damages, if any. If proper valuation is done at the beginning of the lease, which is then compared with the valuation done at the end of lease, relevant information about the damages suffered will be available for easy reference. When the valuation is conducted, the current condition of the property, required maintenance works, and the costs associated with repairs will all be duly noted.

Assess Expenses on Property:

Periodical valuation of property will be helpful in enhancing the value of the property down the road. Through property valuation, all the expenses incurred on the property in Yangon shall be analysed after which, proper measures could be taken to bring down such costs. This would in turn help in increasing the value of the property.

Valuation of real estate in Yangon on a regular basis will be helpful in making your property attractive in the market. When conducted with the help of trained professionals, the information gathered will be helpful for various parties such as mortgage lenders, investors, buyers, and sellers of a property.

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